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Jul 4, 2008 01:44 PM

Cookery Book Fettish

Having filled up yet another bookshelf I counted how many culinary books I own and the number is now over 400. At least half are not cookbooks but reference and/or techniques and/or encyclopedic books, dictionaries, food writing, and so on. I pore over my books often and am extremely particular with the books I purchase. So far there are about 5 that I would be willing to part with.

In my opinion there is no such thing as owning too many cookery books. There is always something new that I need to get my hands on.

Are you a cookery book addict?

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  1. Not quite an addict of cook books. Yet I keep buying them. We have several hundred. I have rules, they must read well, recipes must be in a format I like, pictures are important but not a deal breaker, there must be at least one recipe I think I would use.

    1. Yep! Newest purchases: Herve This' Molecular Gastronomy and Michael Ruhlman's Charcuterie. I'm at around 400 now too.

      1. Not quite in your league (I only have about 80), but I certainly understand the obsession. I read them like novels! That said, I'm in the middle of a decluttering, get rid of stuff phase. I went through my cookbooks and I found exactly three that I'm willing to part with!

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          I have this problem, too. I just can't part with them!

        2. Yes, I am glad I am not the only one with this fettish. I have a little over 1000. I just can't seem go a week without buying one and I recieve a lot as gifts. I am currently trying to log them in a sort of "order".

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            It's funny because I bookmark hundreds of recipes/ideas/techniques then when it comes time to find it I have to go through everything! I often think I will remember. However, I do have a notebook in a kitchen drawer that I am now trying more faithfully to jot page numbers, books, etc. down in. That goes for all my hundreds of culinary magazines, too! :)

            Where do all of you get your books from normally? I often get mine from Amazon (many companies charge for shipping outside the U.S. and I live in Canada). Sounds bad but I often look at them first at bookstores then order on line when I know they are so much cheaper...

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              I usually buy mine online from Jessica's Biscuit; otherwise, I love to scour the used book stores for a unique find. I have no method in collecting, but would like to get a book about the food/cooking in every country.

          2. Guilty. Lots of good sources but Books for Cooks in London is the greatest. Unfortunately carrying books back to Canada is a pain.

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              Yes Books for Cooks is very nice - was just there a week ago - but the main Strand bookstore in NYC's cookbook section is a worthy rival - was there this Saturday and there are some real finds. The breadth of stock is quite comparable, except that I saw more Australian books at BfC than are available here. There is also a small section of review copies in the basement.