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Jul 4, 2008 01:16 PM

Atlanta eats

I'll be in Atlanta for two nights later this month. I won't have a car and am staying downtown at the Hampton Inn on Spring Street - are there any good restaurants in the area? Breakfast at least? Also, is Home easy to get to without a car? Does MARTA go anywhere close or is it an affordable cab ride? Any recommendations near a venue called the Center Stage on W Peachtree ( Thanks.

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  1. Can't help with breakfast in that area (walking that is).
    Home is not easy to get to without a car from there, nor on MARTA. Do a downtown search for lots of recent talk about dining near your hotel.
    MARTA is close to the hotel and that opens up your options for midtown and near Center Stage. Lots of dining options in that area depending on what you are looking for and want to spend. Table 1280 is at the High Museum, or TAP for beer and pub food. Tamarind for Thai. Nan for high end Thai is expensive but very close to centerstage.
    Atlantic Station is very close to the theater as well with lots of dining options.

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      Just got back from a quick trip to Atlanta and I would recommend checking out Ecco. If you will be with friends it's perfect, not a true tapas place but the menu is designed for lots of sharing. Food was excellent as was the service.

      Another place that was fairly easy to get to via MARTA was The Watershed and after eating there I would go even if it wasn't easy to get to.

    2. Try French American Bistro, downtown, Spring and Ivan Allen. Thrive, Marietta and Spring is a cool, fun, loungy spot with an interesting menu. Not sure how The Ellis is these days...might try it for a drink (around the corner from the Hampton Inn, PTree and Ellis).

      Otherwise, head north on MARTA. Ecco and all the above recs are good. Not much immediately near Center Stage except Nan, which is excellent. Steamhouse Lounge has relocated to W. Peachtree & scene and good eats.

      1. We stay at that Hampton a lot. Ted's Montana Grill is just a two minute walk from the hotel. Shaun's in Inman Park is very good and a reasonable cab ride from Spring. There are several excellent restaurants up in Midtown/Atlantic Station area. The Landmark Diner on Luckie Street over by Georgia State would be a good breakfast choice. I haven't used Marta since we normally drive or have a car when in Atl. Home would be a long haul from downtown by cab.

        1. To save a few bucks on cab fare, you can take MARTA to Lindbergh and then take a cab to Home.

          1. FAB Bistro is a must for downtown and Tamarind Seed near the Center Stage is excellent Thai food by any standard. Get the whole fish -- it's off the menu. Both are reasonably priced.