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Jul 4, 2008 12:41 PM

Calgary Entertainment Book 2008

We bought two Calgary Entertainment Books for 2008. These are the books that have '2 for 1' dining coupons. Can't really find many worthwhile dining destinations. A few years ago there were some great choices. Has anyone tried some of the places and found any they would recommend.

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  1. Hello
    Jenny's Restaurant in the NE is a really good place for Italian food however it usually takes more be prepared to wait for about half an hour.
    Also, I was looking for 2008 coupon books or individual coupons that you may no longer need or want. Thanks. Gloria

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    1. re: gmanito

      I have a book I'm not impressed with :) if anyone is interested.

      1. re: cmanten

        We haven't been impressed with the coupons in the Ent book for the last couple of years. I thought it was just us. Perhaps others aren't getting a big of bang out of either. We haven't bought them for a long time.

        1. re: sleepycat

          Ring another one up as not impressed. Not only are there fewer choices this year but many of the interesting ones are for weekdays only which makes them null as far as I'm concerned. But I got it for the hotel deals (eg. got one in Honolulu this past summer on the beach for 50% off, about double the best internet rates—far covering the price of the price of the book). Still may not get it again next year though.

          1. re: Jasz

            We stopped buying the book about 4-5 years ago, as we felt the choices were going downhill.

      2. re: gmanito

        I could be wrong, but unless Jenny's has moved, I think it closed down some time ago.

        1. re: Lainey1978

          Jenny's is closed. Tried to use the coupon a couple of months ago.

          1. re: sarah galvin

            That's one of my pet peeves with the book: it keeps in coupons for restaurants that closed *months* before its publication, in some cases years. Just not reliable.

      3. The only good value I've seen recently in the Entertainment book is the Stage West Coupon. It's a buy one ticket get one free and since the tickets are close to $90 each, that's a pretty smokin deal. I think you can only use it certain days though.

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        1. re: wonderflosity

          We're using it this Sunday. The only days it's not valid is Friday and Saturday. I agree, great deal.

        2. I sometimes get a book for the fast food and grocery store coupons... I like fast food on occassion. :) But if you want real dining it's worthless.

          1. We had the Entertainment Book last year, but it didn't prove to be that valuable. For us, it had a lot of coupons that we never would have used.

            This year we opted for the SUTP Coupon Book - - and it seems to be better value @ $20. It's more focused on fast-food and casual dining, and isn't quite as expansive as the Entertainment Book. That said, I think the coupons in the SUTP are more useful.

            Of note particular note is the WEM Waterpark 2 for 1 coupon - last year's EB didn't even have it! This pretty much covers the cost of the SUTP book.

            It's worth checking out.