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Jul 4, 2008 11:09 AM

Spadaro Saturday Night (after 8PM) - a mistake?

Have read wonderful things about the food and simply NEEDED to try coming from Manhattan, though, and the only time we could get a reservation was for Saturday night after expecting to wait and to be jostled a bit, but beyond that, are we making a huge mistake? should we try instead for a week night? I'm hoping that some of the service issues mentioned in April/May may have been sorted out by now, so if anyone has any experience more recently, would love to hear it! THanks much.

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  1. If this your first time at spadaos I suggest you go during the week. Still have service issues. you will wait for a long time with no place to sit. The food is very good but not worth the aggrevation on a saturday night.

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      Thanks very much, kaaaassss -- we did end up going and honestly, the wait (15 minutes past reservation)/service (they're trying!) didn't seem to suffer too much compared to what I've read. That said, I wasn't as impressed with the food as other CHers have been -- one item was actually inedible (the smallest, most overcooked, fishy clams in the antipasta I've ever experienced; then there was the ridiculously overcooked asparagus -- mush! this CAN'T be how they serve it in Italy) and the prices especially for the entrees were pretty high. The pastas, though, were good (their special with fettucini/mushrooms/pepper, spinach/cheese ravioli, and a nicely spiced and tasty amatriciana, even if it probably wasn't made with guanciale). All in all, though, I probably wouldn't want to deal with the wait/crowd/service again considering the food -- personally, I also found the "family"-like attention (eg., kisses when we left) a little forced and gimicky...maybe just me. Regardless, it's a good attempt and it's nice to have a family-run place instead of another Applebees....

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        The general opinion is service, some of the dishes and the wait. You were forntuate that you went during the 4th of July weekend because a lot of restaurants were not crowded. (At least that was the situation in White Plains). I don't know if they have any more waitstaff besides the two sisters. I think catering to an American crowd used to different service is a bit overwhelming for them. The place took off immediately but I think things are cooling down a bit and maybe they will be able to get their act together better.

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          In my opinion, there is NO excuse for serving "off" seafood, and this is not the first time a reviewer has cited that particular problem--perhaps I'm lucky that when I dined there, they neglected to produce any seafood for us during the frenetic service of our antipasto, which did include the poorly cooked asparagus. And I agree with BCG that the prices are pretty high, especially for the level of service.

    2. We always avoid Saturday nights at any popular restaurant. Unless you really want to "see and be seen" there are 6 other nights a week to dine out. You will get better service, less of a wait, and feel less rushed on any other night. Dh and I really want to try the food here, will report as soon as we do.

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        marge - you are right - there is no excuse for "off" seafood. I've heard from a number of people that the shrimp has a taste of bleach which I understand is a way to keep them fresh. Spadaro's does not have a freezer. I've been there three times all during the week and found the service is frantic. They should either print a daily menu or cut down on the menu. It takes too long to recite and by the third or fourth item, you have already forgotten the first one. The food is usually slapped down on the table in a haphazard manner. I think they are in a good location and could be around for the long haul if they get their act together.