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Jul 4, 2008 10:24 AM

Big Sur fire

Need your help! We have a wedding/family reunion planned for Big Sur in August. Planning to dine at the Fernwood Grill and Big Sur Lodge Restaurants. How bad is the fire? Are the restaurants in eminent danger of burning down? Any info appreciated. Thanks!

My condolences to anyone directly impacted by the fire.

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  1. last report I heard was they didn't expect containment of the fire(s) until end of the month (per local tv).

    1. The whole town was evacuated.

      This means *everything* is in danger of being burned down.

      Need to watch and wait.

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      1. re: Cathy


        There are many many small fires which is why it's called the Basin COMPLEX. It's in rugged terrain with hot-burning fuels, so "containment" in the normal sense of the word is near impossible. Not to say that "*everything* may burn down".

        We hope Deetjen's will serve many a breakfast again.

        1. re: toodie jane

          I live in San Diego County. Two major fires in the last four years. The County burned. The one in 2003 got to 30 feet behind my fence. I personally know seven people whose homes were destroyed.

          When they have a mandatory evacuation there is a reason.

          I said is in danger of being burned.

      2. From what I can tell from the news reports is that the Coast Range Ridge is burning from Ventana Wildness south to Lime Kiln, so the ridge fingers that run down from the Coast Range such as Partington are in danger. The back country east of the Coast Range Ridge looks like its burning (see Indians fire). This back country needs to be regenerated every 20 years or so. Up until 1963, the USFS would burn it off in the spring.

        There really isn't a town of Big Sur, but the wide spots in the road called Big Sur seem to be OK. The business on the west side of Route 1 are probably safe.

        The canyon bottoms from Little Sur on the north to Nacimiento Road on the south all have lots of beautiful Redwoods that show fire scars. They have been through this before. Redwoods need fire to regenerate.

        1. Here is the best website I know of for fire news. Everything in Big Sur is in danger and we are all praying for miracles.

          1. Thank you to everyone for the information. Praying that these fires resolve quickly with as little damage to people, property, and wildlife as possible.

            When the ambers settle, and they will, can you recommend places for dining and lodging in Big Sur? Inexpensive to moderately priced is ideal. (Trying to keep this semi-focused on chow to avoid losing the thread!)

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            1. re: Waverly SGV

              Do you not have reservations yet? What is the size of your party?

              1. re: toodie jane

                Planning to host a casual pre-wedding dinner at the Redwood Grill on the back patio. Dave, the proprietor, has been awesome. We were also planning to host a brunch at the Big Sur Lodge Restaurant on the terrace adjacent to the river. We were in the process of solidifying our menu when the fires happened. Deetjen's looks darling. Could it accommodate 40+ people?

                1. re: Waverly SGV

                  I don't know for sure but I think Deetjen's could accomodate 40 if you ddn't mind people being in separate rooms. There isn't really a big space (as far as I know) that is equipped for that many people. All the rooms do connect and the place feels cozy but open and airy. Deetjen's is such a special, wonderful place. I highly recommend the food, the atmosphere and the staff. Also happens to serve the best brunch (blueberry pancakes are out of this world) I've ever had! I live in nyc and I dream of Deetjen's....I really hope it makes it through the fire.

                  1. re: currie

                    So far so good with Deetjen's Big Sur Inn!
                    Prayers can't hurt. Here's a photo of the Inn
                    looking forlorn without its bustle of people.
                    Hope for a mild winter. Rain can take out
                    what fire didn't. Hold good thoughts.

                    1. re: currie

                      Deetjen's may have housing for up to 40 people, but is most likely fully booked for August - they are generally booking about six months in advance. Def. stop by for breakfast if you get a chance. It's an interesting place and a historic monument.