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Jul 4, 2008 09:42 AM

Savannah Grill in Century City

Anything good there?
We've got a gift certificate that we are going to use..
What should we eat..??

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  1. You can view their menu @ the Culinary Adventures website. Similar in some ways to French 75 but they are trying to give it a "southern" twist, hence the name Savannah. Not haute cuisine by any means (nor was French 75) and it doesn't seem as busy as French 75 was as the previous tenant. Both restaurants are under the Culinary Adventures umbrella.

    1. Unless they've made major changes to the concept, this Wilhelm restaurant started out as Savannah Chophouse, in Laguna Niguel (now re-named Savannah). It has been in the same location for many years and has always been a reliable red-leather-booth-type dinner house. Not on a par with some of the 'classier' OC spots, but good. I was never disappointed there.

      1. I wouldn't bother.

        I was there a few weeks ago. I had the beef stroganoff, made with filet mignon. The filet was so overcooked that it was chewy and I wondered why they bothered to use filet at all. My friend had a burger, which was just a burger. The mac n cheese wasn't cheesey, just a sour creamish thin sauce on top. Eh. The service was close to being bad. We had to ask for refills, and when asked for suggestions on their cocktails he said they don't get to try them, so he doesn't know. The food runners kept getting the tables wrong, and when they would arrive, they'd auction the food off, "Who had the steak?" -They just didn't know where things were going. We were never offered the chocolate souffle ahead of time (like the table next to us) so we had to wait 30 minutes for them to bake it. It was good, but most souffles are.

        While Houston's had a 70 minute wait, we were able to just walk into Savannah and the place was always half empty. So, I think that says a lot, too.

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          earleir this year when it was still french 75 i had the same experience as azizeh. sounds like the name and look have changed and little more. have eaten at the french 75 in laguna a couple of times and it was a totally different experience....good (not fabulous) food and excellent service.

          1. re: jay 1

            The Laguna Beach French 75 was the original, and is also closer to the main offices.
            Axiom: Farther from main office, less oversight, more opportunity for things to go wrong!