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Jul 4, 2008 09:13 AM

Eating and drinking my way through Northern Italy

I am travelling to Italy for the first time at the end of July and would love some suggestions of excellent restauarants that are reasonably priced (I live in NYC so high-end is not necessary by any means) in the following areas:


We will have a car so it can be a small town or out of the way. Any suggestions at all would be amazing.

Additionally, any wineries that you suggest to visit along the way would also be extremely helpful.

Thank you!

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  1. hi youll get lots of info if you search these boards...but dont miss zibibbo in florence, il buco in chianciano, avignesi( spelling) vineyards , i ll think of the name of the place we dig in pienza in a moment

    1. Ah, sorry, but what you are travelling through will NOT be "Northern Italy" !

      Northern Italy is: Piemont, Lombardia, Trento, Alto Adige, Emilia Romana, Veneto, Friuli ...

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        I would consider the top half of italy the northern part, but thanks for your clarification. It was exactly the kind of help I was looking for.

        1. re: ngdowney

          You may consider them to be in the northern part of Italy, but unfortunately they are not and the title of your post is somewhat misleading!

          However, in Umbria I would recommend Ottavio and Orto degli Angeli in Bevagna. Umbria is a pretty large area though (as is Tuscany). I think you need to narrow it down somewhat - better to choose the towns you want to visit and ask for recommendations accordingly.