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Jul 4, 2008 09:04 AM

How long are farm fresh eggs good for?

A week? More?

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  1. I would say more. I try to poach some right away, but if I've let them sit around for a bit, I end up hard boiling eggs. This test works pretty well - put the eggs in a bowl/pot of water. The ones that float up to the top are too old and should be thrown out, the ones that sink to the bottom are the heaviest, and freshest. If the egg stays submerged, but is vertical rather than horizontal, it's a "boiler" in my book.

    1. I assume you refrigerate them. In that case, more. I use eggs rarely, so I often have them around for a month or more. In my entire life, I have had exactly (egg-sactly?) ONE egg be bad.

      1. To me, it's not so much how long they'll keep, but how long they're good for particular uses where the freshness shines. I've never had an egg go "bad," but we do like our eggs in this household, so they get eaten sooner rather than later. When they're a couple or more weeks old, they're better hard boiled, deviled, in egg salad, etc. than say, poached or soft boiled.

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          That's a good point. I only occasionally eat eggs for a meal, usually using them in baked goods or other recipes, like ice cream. In that case, the reduced "freshness" probably doesn't matter as much. But if you eat them as a meal, it might matter more.

        2. Six months refrigerated. One month on the counter.

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            rworange, I have read this somewhere before and agree with it. I'd like to know where you got this info. I'm eating eggs that are 45 days old, ate some yesterday and were very good. I collect up to 40 eggs a day so I have to keep track of their age.

          2. As ipse posted, they will keep for a long time, especially if refrigerated. I just had ate some eggs that were almost a month past their "sell by" date, and they were fine.

            That being said, the beauty of farm fresh eggs is that they are FRESH, so I'd try to use them as quickly as possible just so you can enjoy them at their peak.