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chicken-fried steak in CT?

DH and i were watching "Fried Food Paradise" on Travel Channel (OMG! CHICKEN-FRIED BACON!!) and realizing that neither of us have ever eaten a chicken-fried steak before. since we don't live in Texas, it's not likely to happen...but is there anywhere in CT or maybe western MA that would serve a somewhat authentic preparation?
(i assume Cracker Barrel would not be the place...but feel free to correct me.)

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  1. It's on the menu at Bubba's restaurant at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT. I haven't had it so can't give an opinion on how authentic it is.

    1. Haha. Honestly, my first response was going to be "...Cracker Barrel?"

      I think I've had a bite of one at Cracker Barrel, actually, and it seemed pretty tasty but I can't really vouch for authenticity. In all fairness I'm a Cracker Barrel apologist so you should probably take that with a grain of salt.

      Little Taste of Texas in South Windsor has one on the menu:


      1. My husband's had the one at bubba's and liked it...and being a southern boy, he can vouch for its authenticity. Old Tymes in Norwich has it on their menu, also, but it's hit or miss. We've actually had a server recommend against it because it wasn't prepped right. And while I can't say anything about cracker barrel's CFS, I've always found their breakfasts to be tasty, so I'd imagine the rest of their food would be decent as well.

        1. The Cookhouse has (had?) it. No idea if it's any good!

          1. Do you have a Chili's Bar and Grill near you? They have a very tasty and crispy one, sometimes it can be a bit salty but its always been tender.

            1. The only 2 places I've tried it in CT are Cracker Barrel up in Enfield (?) and Chili's over by Westfarms mall. I've had each twice. Chili's was the same horrible mess both times, most likely Sysco stuff like this: http://www.sysco.com/products/Product...

              Cracker Barrel was a bit better, definitely less fat and connective tissue hiding under the breading.

              I'm psyched to hear Bubba's has it on the menu, going to try it when I'm next at Mohegan Sun. Also gonna have to try Danny's, I've heard good things about them.

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                "Premium scratch style..."
                thanks for sharing!

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                  Sorry :)

                  I have a game I like to play when eating out, "Spot the Sysco." I like to browse their products online and look at the pictures so I can tell when I'm being served this mass market slop.

              2. hi i know your post is old but there are lots of places that make it [ sometimes only as a special] crackerbarrel is ok , chicks in orange is ok , ash creek saloon in bridgeport is ok , marisa's in trumbull has it as a once in a blue moon special and is ok . texas roadhouse in west haven has it and it is ok . the list goes on and on .

                1. Next time you're in Providence, RI or feel like a little road trip check out Classic Cafe ! www.classiccaferi.com Their chicken fried steak batter tastes like homemade KFC and the gravy has good sized chunks of sausage in it worth tunneling for. Open for breakfast and lunch only as of 7/2013.

                  Cracker Barrel has an acceptable chicken fried steak. Their gravy is not interesting. Not going back for it since I've discovered Classic Cafe unless I'm in a pinch.

                  P.S. Yelp reports Bubba's in Uncasville, CT is closed. Never tried it.

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                    thanks for the trip in my own personal wayback machine...
                    I have to confess, or declare with pride, that we still haven't had one. yet.
                    (I would like to pretend that we are all the healthier for it, but there are other artery-clogging things that we eat instead.)

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                      I've had it a bunch of times at different places; in CT I have had it at Cracker Barrel and it's tasty; if a little salty, but tender and you get that crunchy + saucy at the same time that I dig on a decent General Tso's.

                      A lot of IHOPs also have it, but that's a step down in quality from Cracker Barrel IMHO.

                      I haven't had one in texas or in the south, so it might be a dirty bastardization of a 'real' chicken fried steak... but they are tasty.

                  2. I should add that last time I went to Mohegan Sun's revamped breakfast buffet, they had a big pile of chicken fried steak. I was a bit too hung over to try it, but it sure looked good.