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Jul 4, 2008 07:12 AM

Breakfast in Toronto - Bloor West/Avenue Road

I'm heading to Toronto for a weekend getaway with friends and we're staying in the Bloor West/Avenue Road area. Late Sunday morning we'll be looking for a good, casual breakfast spot. Any ideas?

Also - if you have any reccos for dinner in the area they'd also be appreciated!


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  1. Eggstasy on Bay offers a varied and hearty breakfast selection. All egg entrees are at least 3 eggs, and are usually accompanied by 3 "baggages" (the resto is a Montreal transplant I think) of your choosing. Flo's diner on Yorkville is decent too.

    As for dinner, the Yorkville area is rife with some decent possibilities. Imperia is a reasonably priced Italian resto with a variety of options. Joso's on Davenport at Avenue Road is excellent, as is Mistura.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    1. re: Paula from Toronto

      Thoroughly agree with the breakfast recommendations. Not as happy with all the dinner places (so far). That area is notorious for 'tourist traps' (although the posters have identified some of the better places). Still, I would recommend travelling a little further afield for better dining. What type of food do you prefer - and what price range?

      1. re: estufarian

        Imperia is far from a tourist trap. It offers great food including homemade pastas, a top-notch wine list, a gorgeous room, and the service is outstanding. They achieve all of this while making the diners feel very comfortable. If that's a trap, I'm staying in it.

    2. One of my favourite dinner spots in the area is Boba on Avenue Road. It has a beautiful patio and the food is really lovely.

      Further up the road is L'Unita, which has been getting good reviews on this board.

      Another breakfast spot similar to Eggstasy, but closer to you is Over Easy. It's on Bloor, just about a half block West of Avenue road.

      1. Good breakfast recs.

        And I like TJo's dinner recs, but a couple of other thoughts as well:
        1 - Caren's Wine Bar - good food and very pretty back patio
        2 - Mistura / Sopra - downstairs resto and upstairs jazz/ supperclub. Upscale (not uptight) Italian.

        Note that if you're traveling in the next week or so Toronto is doing "summerlicious," a local restaurant promo. You can read about it on this board or through the City's web site. Approach with caution - a lot of spots overbook, and cut corners on food quality and service to bring down price points (although you can get some good deals). Either way, this might make getting reservations at some spots unusually difficult.

        1. For breakfast on Sunday there is also L'Espresso - on south west corner of Bloor and St George. It offers an Italian style brunch, with some nice omelettes and paninni. Their range of coffees, is great. They also have a nice side patio. Went to Boba the other night, the food was good, but the service wasn't. Then again, it was one of those "on again off again" patio evenings, so the staff was overwhelmed. There is always Bar Mercurio on north side of Bloor just west of St George. It is the big brother of L'Espresso and has a comprehensive Italian menu. I love their pizzas and my family who have wide ranging tastes always enjoy the scope of the menu. It is reasonably priced with a good selection of wines available by the glass.

          1. The Grange on Bloor just West of Jane a great spot for Brunch or Dinner...fine cuisine paired with fine wines...casual yet elegant...Miranda