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Jul 4, 2008 07:08 AM

Tsunami Coming to Arlington?

I was walking through Arlington Center yesterday evening and saw that the "on vacation" sign on the door of Shanghi and Tokyo that had been there for 3 months has now been replaced with "Mailman: Please slip mail for Tsunami restaurant under the door" or something to that effect.

Is this the same Tsunami as the one in Brookline? Any news on this at all? I had a feeling over the past few weeks that Shanghai and Tokyo was gone for good....

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  1. That would be an improvement, right? My daughter and I had one gloppy meal at S and T, and we were not the least bit inclined to ever go back.

    Is the Brookline Tsunami related to the one that was (or is) On Boylston St. in Boston?

    1. Before the Toraya space was Toraya, it was a decent sushi restaurant called Tsunami.

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        Yeah, well, I don't think the name Tsunami is that unusual for a Japanese restaurant since it's a Japanese word (although I don't quite understand why people think it's a good choice for a place to eat at).

        Anyway, does anybody know what this new (sushi?) place in Arlington is like?