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Jul 4, 2008 07:06 AM

Recently Moved from NYC to Hackensack NJ

Need fellow Chowhound help...

Please give us the rundown on the Hackensack Area for good eats. We enjoy, as all Chowhounds do, all types of cuisine, so let us know where you go for the best in the area. Of course, we can run to NYC, but sometimes staying in the area is preferable. Thanks for your help!

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  1. hey, welcome to NJ...I gotta couple of nearby options for ya:

    -Green Papaya in Riveredge, right on the border with Hackensack has some pretty tasty , and affordable, pan-s.e.asian eats

    -Farther down the road on Kinderkamack in Emerson is Pimaan Thai, best thai i've had in the area
    -Broklyn Pizza on Riverroad in Hackensack is good for brick oven pie
    -White manna,also on river road, is known for it's steamed burgers and the people who can eat 10 of them
    -Pollo Mario on main in hacksack has some very terrific colombian rotisserie chix

    As for upscale eats, i'm afraid hackensack- and a large swath of north jersey- lacks really exemplary fine dining...

    green papaya
    Riveredge, NJ, Riveredge, NJ

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      I absolutely second, third and fourth Brooklyn's Pizza -- a very different pizza

      You have 2 excellent Turkish places nearby:
      Lodos 690 River Rd
      New Milford, NJ
      (201) 265-0004

      Turkish Kitchen -- in a strip mall
      645 Kinderkamack Rd
      River Edge, NJ 07661
      (866) 462-1592

      Also a very good Afghan place in Teaneck

      Teaneck Kebob House
      253 DeGraw Ave, Teaneck, NJ
      (201) 836-8571

      In Hackensack itself, on Main:
      Wondees for Thai

      There's also an excellent Indian place we just ate at, I believe it's called Tandoor Chef, but I'm not positive. As good, but cheaper, than Maharani (below


      Indian in Fort Lee, Maharani -- unusual in that it has both south indian and north indian food. Everyone likes this place.

      Middle Eastern (Egyptian) Club Alladin
      This place has belly dancing and is a real night club -- a big presence on the Egyptian music circuit (bet you didn't even know there was such a thing!). Excellent food, too.

      1. re: sixelagogo

        "White manna,also on river road, is known for it's steamed burgers and the people who can eat 10 of them."

        Yup no problem downing 10 of those sliders, but do not under any circumstance stray more than 20 feet from a rest room afterwards.

      2. Two places I enjoy are Dinallo's and Lotus Cafe......

        Dinallo's is just over the the Hackensack border on Johnson Avenue just south of State Highway Route Four, easily accessible from Main Street or Route Four East. Dinallo's is an Italian Restaurant with great steaks, chops. fish and pounded veal dishes. Their Sunday Gravy is a favorite for many old school red sauce fans. Dinallo's is open for lunch or dinner and has a lively older bar crowd. Their Veal Milanese over Arugula with Fresh Mozzarella, and Open Sliced New York Strip Sandwich with Fresh Cut Fries are my lunchtime favorites. Burgers are served only at lunch and will be prepared to any temperature desired. If you like pasta, they will gladly serve any of their pasta dishes as half orders as well, lunch or dinner. On the surface of reading the menu, some feel the prices are high, but the portions are enough for two and sharing is never discouraged. The quality of ingredients are also excellent.

        259 Johnson Ave
        River Edge, NJ 07661
        (201) 342-1233

        Lotus Cafe is a Chinese Restaurant located in the Home Depot Shopping Plaza on Hackensack Avenue, adjacent The Riverside Square Shopping Mall. Nothing Fancy, but a solid restaurant that serves quality dishes made with only the freshest meats, fish and produce available. Lotus Cafe is BYOB. Peking Duck is available every day. Try the Whole Fried Flounder.....and don't forget to eat the deep fried fish bones

        1. Welcome to Jersey! There are some great places in your area. Here are a few that I have loved for years:

          Greek: George's Cafe, Main St, Ridgefield Park
          Jewish Deli: Noahs Ark, Cedar Lane, Teaneck
          Veg. Chinese: Veggie Heaven, Cedar Lane, Teaneck
          Chinese: Empire Hunan, Cedar Lane, Teaneck
          Burger Chain: Five Guys, Hackensack Ave, Hackensack
          Italian Deli: Frankies, River Road, New Milford
          Italian Pastries: Palermos, Main St, Ridgefield Park
          Columbian: Villa de Columbia, Mercer St, Hackensack
          Indian: Tandori Chef, Main St, Hackensack
          French Pastries: Balthazar, Dean St, Englewood AND Patisserie St Michel, Queen Anne, Teaneck
          Sushi: Minado, Rt 46 Circle, Little Ferry
          Pizza: Bergenfield Pizza, Washington Ave, Bergenfield
          Irish Pub: Tommy Fox's, Washington Ave, Bergenfield
          Bagels: Three Star Bagels, Cedar Lane, Teaneck
          Cafe: Classic Quiche, Queen Anne, Bogota

          That should get you going. Every place that I listed I have loved for years, and I find the food to be very good and consistant. Plus the places are fun and friendly, and most importantly to me: affordable. Let me know if you have any questions about any suggestions here.

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            Thanks to all of you for helping out. We plan on trying each and every one of the places you all recommended. Liking this area alot. Now, on to the food...!

          2. I haven't lived down there for almost 20 years, but my favorite Thai restaurant ever was on Main Street in Hackensack. I believe it was called Bangkok Garden. It may still be there....

            I also endorse Brooklyn Pizza.

            1. Forgot to add Bistro En, French & Asian fusion, really outstanding, very hip and very elegant, expensive. Next door, same owners, is Lounge Zen, with live music on weekends. From the outside it looks odd and a bit frumpy, but go inside and it's like crossing the Hudson.

              In Teaneck on DeGraw just off Queen Ann (near Glenpointe).

              Also in Teaneck is East (Japanse -- part of a local chain with restaraunts in NYC too

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              1. re: dbland07666

                Bocconcini in Hackensack or La Famiglia in Bogota. I am a big fan of their simple approach an cheap prices. My nurse friends and I venture out to the local diner as well.