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Jul 4, 2008 06:22 AM

The Garden of Eatin' Spenard, Alaska-looking for info

My great aunt and uncle were the original owners of the Garden of Eatin' in Spenard, Alaska. I am searching for articles, pictures or anything related to their place. The last I heard was that it was an Italian restaurant but know nothing else than that.
Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
You can contact me at
Thanks :)

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  1. Best of luck. I can only offer fond memories.

    1. Hi,
      I worked at the Garden of Eatin'' in Spenard, Ak in the summer of 1967 or 1968. Hans Kirchener and Jerri Kirchener were the owners. I'm not sure I have the spelling of the last name correct. It was a very popular, quaint, fun place for dinner and we were packed every night. It was only open in the summer and they had been in the restaurant business for years. If you have more questions please feel free to ask!

      1. Great place in the 70's and 80's. I'm coming back in 2015 with 5 buddies. Darrell Kvasager

        1. I have had several people e-mail me with stories of my great aunt and uncle and want to say thanks for sharing! It really means a lot to me. If anyone else wants to share stories or had photos or memorabilia, I would greatly appreciate it :)

          1. Hello - I replied to your other post in this thread -

            i meant to add to my prev reply in the other thread that
            1. I think it's a great name - I've never heard of another Garden of Eatin' (tho lots of Chat and Chew and Suds and Grub etc


            2. I think it's also great that you're curious and finding out the info like Sandy who worked there.

            Quonset Huts are fascinating to me.

            and also - have you checked with the fantastic museum in Anchorage? It is one of the best I've been in - and I bet they have a photo archives

            was your family in business at the Garden before and/or after the famous earthquake in March - 1964? What brought them to Alaska?