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Help for Food in Longmont, CO

Hey CW!

I'm going to be in Longmont, CO for work from the 6th till the 18th. Staying at the Radisson, near Twin Peaks Mall. Don't know how many free meals I'll have, but I want to check out the town. Can you give me some hints and clues on the best spots to eat. Looking for the true Chow-Finds. Spare me the chain restaurants, which I'm sure are all around the hotel.

Also, how about really good espresso???


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  1. Tortuga's. One of my favorites, anywhere. Food with a Caribbean flair. Dynamite fish.
    Lucile's. Cajun/Creole. Breakfast-luch only.
    Efrain's for sit down Mexican. A branch of their Lafayette "flagship" joint. A real bargain and the chile verde is killer.
    You'll also find numerous taquerias scattered around with fresh tortillas and tacos.
    Colterra in Niwot. About a 10 minute drive south on your way to Boulder.
    Boulder is just a short drive anyway and your choices grow exponentially.
    Oskar Blues in Lyons. Drive 20 minutes west to this brew pub with excellent food, great live music and fabulous beer including their signature Dale's Pale Ale.
    Speaking of beer, a stop at the tasting room of Left Hand Brewing in Longmont is well worth it.

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      Ditto Tortuga's. I credit this restaurant for getting me to LOVE fish, after a bad childhood experience I avoided it for years. It's not far from Twin Peaks Mall area (about which you are correct re: chain infestation).

      I don't love the Longmont Efrain's as much as the Boulder one, but the chile verde is still killer- and the costillas.

      Like the beer at Oskar Blues, don't much care for the food.

    2. Can't go wrong with Tortugas. The nearby Cheese Importers Warehouse is a fine venue for purchasing and sampling cheesy comestibles, and they also have a deli that makes decent sandwiches (at least it did last year) and other lunch items. Best cheap strip mall sushi in Colorado (actually it compares pretty favorably to most places in the Boulder area) is at Ichiban across Ken Pratt (or is it Hover?) from the hotel. The $12.95 sashimi dinner is excellent, despite the snack bar ambience. Catfish Curly's (if they're still around) had decent crawfish boils. Heard good things about Sugarbeet and enjoyed a sample of strawberry soup from Terroir at last weekend's Boulder Food and Wine Festival. Terroir looks to be doing some interesting stuff with New American cuisine. Luccadeli's (I think) has expensive pizza with a long wait, but it's reasonably tasty. Might be better off going to the Longmont branch of Proto's Pizza. Pinnochio's provides ok Italian-American fare if that floats your boat.

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        Update on Ichiban - I was there tonight after a couple of months and it's now sit-down at dinner (with tablecloths and fancy light fixtures) instead of ordering at the counter and having the food brought to you. The 12-piece $12.95 sashimi dinner is now the 20-piece $18.95 dinner and it now comes with salad and orange for dessert in addition to miso soup. The quality of the fish tonight was as good as I've had, and the salmon and sweet-tasting scallops were first-rate.

        1. Add Sugarbeet and Terroir to your to-try list.

          1. I stayed at the Radisson on Sunday night last week. My recommendation is to avoid the free breakfast buffet which was some of the worst food we had in Colorado. Otherwise, the hotel was very good, especially at $46/night on Priceline.

            Since many of the places were closed on Sunday, we stopped at a very nondescript Chinese place located in an old gas station. The food was quite excellent in both quantity and quality. We really enjoyed the Salt and Pepper Shrimp as well as the Cashew Chicken. Prices were very reasonable. Friendly service.

            Tasty Asia
            736 Main St
            Longmont, CO 80501
            (303) 772-6888

            1. I've heard good things about Colterra in Niwot as well which is close to Longmont.

              1. If I had an expense account, I'd make a beeline for O's.

                It's not in Longmont (or even nearby Boulder). Take Main Street south for about 30 minutes until you hit Hwy 93. Just before that, you'll see the Westin Westminster, which is home to O's.

                They have a very interesting tasting menu ($50/person or $70?/$75/ with wine). Unbelievable variety of flavors in amazing combinations - blue crab meat with jalapeno jelly on a pineapple chip is the one that still lingers with me from a Mom's Day outing there. The chef makes ice cream tableside with liquid nitrogen to finish the meal - our ice cream was an apple pie/creme brulle makeout fest.

                Food from the menu is also well done. My grandma's crab cakes made me think that maybe Colorado wasn't 1000 miles from an ocean.

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                  I think you might have your directions skewed a little. You probably mean that you take Main St. south which is Hwy 287 until you hit Hwy 36 - the Boulder Turnpike. Then go east on 36 towards Denver and get off at 104th Ave and then you'll see the Westin to the East. I've never eaten at O's but it sounds interesting.

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                    I have been to a cocktail party at O's, and the food is amazing, visually and to the palate. Chef Ian Kleinman is a practitioner of "molecular gastronomy," which I think of as culinary alchemy. He has a blog at http://food102.blogspot.com/ with some wonderful photos of some of his creations, insights into the process and some snarkiness here and there too.

                2. If you like Kansas City style BBQ The Rib House is the best in Colorado! My father is from KC and goes there for his fix. They are in among the funky houses called Prospect 1.5mi south of Hwy 119 off of 287, take a right on Tenacity Way and into the neighborhood for the best ribs I have every had.

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                    Agreed on The Rib House. Dynamite brisquit and pulled pork.

                  2. Nobody mentioned Delicioso... I have fond fond memories of new mexican green chile / machaca burritos... has it declined?

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                      It's been almost a year since I've been to Longmont, with the obligatory stop at Deli Cioso, but it was still terrific! Cheap food (especially the daily special). Great green chile - a little watery, but flavorful with huge chunks of melt-in-your-mouth pork. Steer clear of the tacos, and stick to the burritos or tacos azetca.

                      Efrain's is okay, but if you're in Lafayette, there's a great taco cart next to the Mexican grocery store.

                      Rib House gets rave reviews from a friend of mine.... I'l have to check it out someday.

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                        Lucile's is AMAZING. We frequent the one in Central Denver but it's a must for breakfast/brunch.

                    2. Pollera La Fogata. Se corner of 17th and Main, behind the 7-11. They don't speak much
                      english but just say Pollo and see what happens. Oui la la