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Best Pizza in Silverlake

With so many new places opening up, who's is best?

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  1. Depends on what you want, and what you can tolerate.

    Nicky D's IMO has the potential for the best pizza in town. Thin crust, a good wood fired oven, good char (sometimes) and high quality ingredients. They are a bit inconsistent, and seem to turn over staff about every six months which makes the servers, and especially whomever answers the phone, slow. Being a thin crust it doesn't travel too well and there's a lot of salt that leaves me dehydrated.

    Il Capriccio may have the best overall pizza. It would be the best if they would ever cook it right, but the crust always is a bit undercooked. The main problem is their attitude. It seems impossible to call and not be immediately put on hold by someone who is too exasperated to even be polite. If, and I mean if they every get you off hold to take you order, expect to wait. They have never made it to my house for delivery in less than an hour, and once two and a half hours. During the two and a half hour wait the guy who answers the phone told us the driver left "a long time ago" "I have no idea where he is" and "call me if he EVER gets there." Um, your driver doesn't have a cell phone?

    If you want something different, the Chicago style at Masa in Echo Park is very good. Great quality ingredients and very consistent. There is a 45min cooking time and they no longer deliver though.

    People have recommended Hard Times, but I think they're a mess. The ingredients aren't great, and the crust is bland.

    Tomato Pie Pizza Joint is pretty good, but it's their own thing. Heavy on the cornmeal so it's not my favorite. But more efficient than most.

    Andiamo, newly opened, and after a good review I wanted to like it as an Il Capriccio replacement, but it's not that great. Not bad though and I have only ordered from there once.

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      I basically agree with CLS, so the answer is Il Capriccio to eat in the restaurant (you could even describe how you want your crust that way) and Tomato Pie for delivery.
      I used to like Nicky D's but I just had too many service problems even when eating in the restaurant and had to give it up.
      BTW, Garage Pizza is now open next to Saito Sushi and there's also Cruzer open on Hillhurst and Lucifer's under construction on Hillhurst.

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        We're fans of Il Cap but man, their salads are ridiculously expensive for what you get and boring! We like a nice salad with our pizza like -- sorry to say -- Louisa's! Anyway, our second pick is Nicky D's -- though the wings at Tomato Pie are really worth trying!

        So Chowpatty -- have you tried Garage and Cruzer -- or anyone????

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        Good list, cls. I just can't seem to see the good in Nicky D's that everyone else does. This is the most flaccid brick oven crust I've eaten in all my years - I've asked for it "burnt" numerous times and still get the same result - soggy in the middle. The staff also seems completely clueless.

        Il Capriccio, on the other hand, is the real deal. Sure the staff there is surly - they act like they're doing you a favor by making you a pie - but the crust is chewy and burnt around the edges the way a brick oven pie should be and the quality of the toppings is first rate.

        Tomato Pie wins honors as being a solid, affordable, no-frills local joint. While it can't hold up in quality and craftsmanship to Il Capriccio, the pizzas are really tasty and miles above Hard Times, which is just to mersh for my taste.

        I've tried Andiamo once and wasn't particularly impressed. The crust was kind of flavorless and dough and the toppings were bland.

        With Michelangelo moving in to the old Flor Morena place, we'll soon have access to their fantastic thin crust pizza once again. It's delicious if completely over priced.

        Lastly, don't bother with delivery from these joints. If you live in the 'hood, arrange for pickup - the pizza will be hotter and you'll get your 'za fix that much quicker!

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          Masa is a good option for the Chicago style pizza fans. And, while night time delivery has been "suspended" as you note, I believe that they still deliver during the day, (IIRC).

        2. Hands down, Il Capriccio. And a big recommendation for the "Spicy Mama Flora" with rapini, sausage, garlic, & mozzarella. It's closer to what I'd call an artisan pizza.

          I don't like leaving my pies open to the whims of delivery people so I always order on site and wait. It's much better that way.


          Second choice is Nicky D's ... a solid pizza in my experience, Again, order and wait. More the classic pizza type.


          I have yet to try Tomato Pie as I can't find it. Just checked out the website so I have a better idea now.


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            Tomato Pie is right next to Baller Hardware on the art store side.

          2. Let me put in a word for Palermo.

            (pausing to duck behind a table as various objects are heaved at me)

            Just for their pizza, people, Geesh.

            Let me also say that at the end of the day, Il Capriccio makes a better pizza. Since I don't own a car I occasionally have a need for delivery; Il C's pie doesn't travel well -- a delivery pizza needs to be edible in leftover form -- and I've had problems with the reliability of their delivery.

            Palermo is, of course, very old-fashioned. Medium-thick crust with a good "lip" (something that's seldom brought up in pizza discussions, it's why I drifted away from Casa Bianca). Along with a simple green salad, it's the only thing I recommend from their menu.

            Most of the other places mentioned upthread are out of my delivery area. I've been to Nicky D's and I agree with cls that it's way too salty.

            Any other recs for delivery pizza? Has anyone tried Cruzer?

            Il Capriccio di Carlo (was Il Capriccio Pizzeria)
            4518 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

            Palermo Italian Restaurant
            1858 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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              Actually, we really love the Pizza Rosa at Palermo. So, I will duck in time with you as things are hurled in this direction. And, yes, the pizza is really the only thing to get there, but it is so addictive and totally worth the calorie splurge.

            2. we went to the new restaurant andiamos and the food is delicious! the plates and silverware are all biodegradable, the staff is very laid back and comforting and the food is simple, but amazing. i don't love the bruschetta, but the pizzas are reasonably sized and are bursts of flavor. Also i believe everything is organic and the prices are amazing. plus, they deliever, but i haven't had a chance to order from them yet. and the owner is a four star chef who decided to open a pizza joint.

              1. keep your eyes peeled for a new pizza place opening in the strip mall near saito. it will be open til 3 am...

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                  1. If I'm eating IN the hood Il Capriccio is the only option. Nicky D's and Hard Times are shells of their former selves sadly. Glad to hear the wings at Tomato Pie are worth trying, however!

                    I've never had a real issue at ll Capriccio. No grumps. No foul service. Once a less then attentive waitress. If I don't eat in, I always pick-up so I can't speak to delivery. Their "paesana" pizza is the way to go, followed by the "salsiccia." Love that crust.

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                      Just had delivery (three pies plus salad) from Tomato Pie for the first time this weekend. While they're very close to my house, mileage-wise, and I was ordering mid-afternoon, so they weren't already in the weeds on deliveries, their delivery was faster, and the pizza still WAY hotter, fresher, and generally closer to what it should be, than anyone else in the 'hood has managed in the last decade or so.

                      Anyone else tried the place ("Rudelli's"? "Rufelli's"?) over on Fletcher in the strip-mall w/ Thai Taste, north of Ralphs'? I've had a couple of cheese slices there which I thought were pretty good, but never a whole pie, and never a delivery.

                      1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                        I tried Rudelli's once, it was utterly forgettable. How about Crispy Crust? Anyone tried that? I tried Garage last night and it was fine, but I think I still prefer Tomato Pie. Garage should be great for the late night crowd.

                        1. re: Chowpatty

                          Crispy crust is on par with Round Table IMO.
                          So sad this is one of the only debate-able food topics in Silverlake.

                          1. re: cls

                            Aw, come on, we may be a bunch of bourgeois bohemians, but we particularly those of us with Chowpups, still want, nay, NEED, a decent pizza more often than we want "witty" "ironic" or "cutting edge" food. Hey, I'm delighted that we're finally getting a felafel place, and I mourned the loss of the only location of our only decent steam-table Chinese place to a Pinkberry....

                            r gould-saltman

                            1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                              >>I'm delighted that we're finally getting a felafel place<<

                              Not to hijack this thread, but a falafel place is opening in Silverlake? Now, that's exciting! Where?

                              1. re: DanaB

                                Cafe Bravo of Glendale is moving into the former Maui Wowie spot. I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but it's kind of a purist kebab spot -- no falafel and no roast chicken, just kebabs and a variety of salads. I bet when the Silver Lake crowd discovers they don't have roast chicken, a mini-riot ensues.

                                1. re: Chowpatty

                                  now if we can just coax a proper Persian place to move from Glendale...

                                  1. re: Chowpatty

                                    OK Pats, I stand corrected; it's kebabs all the way, although I'm puzzled that instead of falafel, (for the sizable SL vegetarian contingent) their vegetarian samich has grape leaves in it....I'm hoping they'll listen to reason once they've been open for a few months.

                                    1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                                      They may not have a fryer in the space to make falafel (or an oven to make roast chicken). I'd be happy with the menu as it stands, especially if it's good. But I'm with you, if they come around to the idea, and have the facility to do so, I hope they end up with falafel as well :-)

                              2. re: cls

                                Sorry to hear about Crispy Crust. On the plus side, between them and Raffallo's if I ever get evicted I could build a house with the flyers they've shoved in the crack of my front door.

                                1. re: maxzook

                                  For those craving falafel in SL -- 3 mins away is Elenas (Greek/Armenian) on Glendale Blvd. IMO, the falafel is the best thing on the menu and it's best to eat it there.

                        2. Il Capriccio still wins my heart! I've never had problems with surly waiters, but they have had problems finding my house on more than one occasion (although they did credit me with a free pizza, to their credit).

                          I tried Andiamo on their opening weekend, and was a bit disappointed- (tried the one with the spinach and ricotta topping)- it was pretty bland and flavorless, but when we reheated it and burnt it by accident, it tasted a lot better. I thought maybe if we ordered a different pizza, we'd get a better flavor (fault of ordering a not so great pie? but reading here, maybe it is in the crust). BUT! They delivered lemon gelato on one of those heat wave weekends, so hey. Major props there, and may give them a second try.

                          My bf and I tried Garage Pizza earlier this week, and I wrote up a full review over on yelp- it was pretty good! Much more of a "new yorker" style of pizza, and it sounds like they'll be expanding their menu in the coming weeks. We had a margherita pizza which was a special with amazingly fresh buffalo mozzarella which was really good, and the let us sample some free banana dessert pizza with mozzarella and honey that they were testing out (which, damn. Was pretty good). Open til 3am (YAY!) and I think a good option to have in the neighborhood when you're not feeling in an Italian mood (a lot more meaty options in their pizza and new york style crust). 'Cause like I said before, Il Cap stlll has my loyalty.

                          (haven't tried out any others- will have to look into it!)

                          1. I visited Tomato Pie, the Silver Lake one, a couple weeks ago, and it was perhaps one of the best pizzas I've had in Los Angeles. I would say it matches or even surpasses Vito's, which I've always considered the best in town. The people running the place are incredibly friendly and upbeat. Best service I've experienced in a long time. The place was still feeling very "new" and is quite clean inside and out. It's certainly a hole-in-the-wall: 2 or 3 tables inside, and the outside tables are in a driveway. But if you're rating the pizza itself, this is top notch.

                            And yes, it is borderline impossible to find. Use a google map and get the specific cross-street. You'll never spot it otherwise.

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                            1. re: scoot

                              thanks for the recommendation, I'll try Tomato Pie one day.

                              1. re: scoot

                                Sounds like it's worth a link (note the two addresses).

                                Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
                                7751 1/2 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

                                Tomato Pie Silver Lake
                                2457 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

                                1. re: scoot

                                  tomato pie is really good. and as an ex-new yorker i can attest that it would hold its own in the city. get a cheese pie and a pepperoni. crispy chewy thin crust. flavorful sauce. just all around good.

                                  1. re: scoot

                                    I recently had delivery from Tomato Pie, and maybe that effected the quality, but I found it not that great, and not really different or better than the usual suspects, i.e. Nicky D's or Hard Times. Maybe I ordered too soon after they opened, or maybe their pizzas are better in-house, but I didn't find it that great. Crust was cardboardy, and the tomato sauce was sweet.

                                    I lived in NYC for 6 years (not that that makes me an expert, but I do have a point of reference for people talking 'bout NY pizza), and after that, have lived in the Silverlake neighborhood for 10 years. I'd love it if we had a reliably excellent pizzaria in this neck of the woods. To me, Tomato Pie wasn't it the time I ordered, but I'd give it another chance given others' more positive experiences.

                                    1. re: DanaB

                                      Tomato Pie was exceedingly mediocre. I just tried it along with a fellow ex-New Yorker on the advice of some people here and other sites. I would actually call it bad. Uninteresting, generic, nothing special about it at all. I would never waste a rare pizza night out on that stuff. I agree that Nicky D's is erratic but sometimes good. I head to Casa Bianca for pizza, I think that's pretty good. I'm scared to try Garage now after my experience with that "Great" "New York Style" pizza at Tomato Pie.

                                  2. I was inspired to try Il Capriccio by the effusive praise for it in this thread, but was ultimately disappointed. While the ingredients seemed to be slightly better than those used by Vito's, the crust was thicker, breadier, and less crispy -- this in spite of us asking for it to be extra crispy. (Note: we ate in the restaurant, not take away.) It was much closer the pizzas I've had in the last year at Nicky D's. That said, it wasn't bad pizza, but I think there's still generous room at the top for a "Langer's" of pizza, both in Silver Lake and in LA.

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                                      In general, I find that pizza tends to be undercooked in LA. I routinely have to ask for it to be "well done". At Nicky D's, where the pizza is routinely underdone, I have to tell them to "burn it" in order to get any sort of crispiness. Brick oven pizza is supposed to be charred a bit around the edges.

                                      That being said, I really do like Tomato Pie. I find it comparable to any "quick slice" place in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I've gotten pizza from them at least a half-dozen times since they opened (always pickup) and find that the pie is really pretty tasty, again if you ask for it to be well done.

                                      I've tried Garage Pizza recently and liked it as well. I find the sauce a bit sweeter - it's a lot closer to the "fresca" sort of sauce you'd get on a pizza in Italy but the rest of the preparation is standard NYC 'za.

                                    2. I had the BBQ chicken pizza at cruzer and it was probably the best i've had in a long time. I will be trying something from their pasta menu next time.

                                      1. Hey all good news, I just called Il Capricio and they were actually very nice. Three weeks ago we called and they were nice then too, and the pizza was very good. I like this place. Maybe they have gotten nicer?

                                        I've also enjoyed the pizza at Michelangelo though it is not "classic", more of a gourmet spin.
                                        That said their goat cheese- sun dried tomato pie is very good.

                                        Has anyone tried the new spot Mother Dough up by Umami Burger in Los Feliz? And what about Lucifer? Any good? Looks lame but you never know.

                                        Umami Burger
                                        850 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036