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Jul 3, 2008 10:18 PM

Steveston Village, BC - good eats?

Anything worth while to nosh on out there?

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  1. I really like Kisamos greek. It is a small family run place with affordable prices and nice size portions, but they aren't re-inventing the wheel.

    Steveston Pizza has a phenomenal reputation -- but it's take out.

    A great experience is going to Pajos Fish and Chips on the the water (as in floating on the water). It is pretty neat how it serves its food in cones and has specially designed tables to balance them.

    I would skip Reflections Gastronomie. Over priced and self-important and the food is average on a good day.

    Finish with Timothy's Frozen Yogurt. It's great!

    Steveston Pizza Co
    8460 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X3L4, CA

    Kisamos Taverna
    3420B Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7E3A2, CA

    Timothy's Frozen Yogurt Ltd
    3800 Bayview St, Richmond, BC V7E6K7, CA

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      Village Sushi is by FAR THE freshest and most traditional sushi I have ever eaten. I eat here once a week typically, and have never been disappointed one bit. Always fresh, tasty ingredients, and lucky for me I live only a 4 minute walk away:) Definitely try it when in steveston. The only downfall is limited business hours. Dinner is served after 5pm.

      And I think Steveston Pizza's reputation speaks for itself. The best and freshest, and original pizza recipes I've seen and tried yet:)

      And it all off with a frozen yogurt from Timothy's...I recommend the blueberry/cherry combo!

    2. I may need to update myself here.....but I haven't really found a truly great place to eat there. Village Sushi (if it is still there...) is decent.

      1. Steveston Pizza if you're there in the evening, the Romanian Bakery, Pajo's for F&C.

        I was in Steveston today and I have say it must have the highest concentration of F&C places on earth-truly staggering(!)

        1. My favorite is Sockeye City Grill on the pier. Their fried calamari is the best, super tender. Go for the fisherman's hotpot, so yummy and satisfying if you love soup. Hubs always order the fish 'n chips there, it's done quite well, I prefer them over Pajo's. I do suggest eating in instead of ordering from their window (limited choices).

          1. If the British Store is still there, stop and get a Scotch Egg !