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Jul 3, 2008 09:50 PM

Picnic in the amusement park

Washington Post just had this picnic article. As good as it seemed, it didn't seem exactly convenient for a picnic, and it didn't offer any options for people who are not fond of sea food.
We are going to an amusement park on this long weekend, not willing to pay for the over priced, over greased, low on flavor food, I was hoping to pack for an picnic. I am going to try some of the salad and side dishes mention in the post. However, does any one have suggestions on what to bring as the main entree beside sandwiches? We will have a cooler, but it is still out-door with min. cooling. Please help.

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  1. Check the current week's NY Times web site.

    1. Hey, no one says you have to have a designated entree at a picnic. I would be so happy with a bunch of sides to graze on with pita for pick-uppers. Roasted veggies, Asian noodle dishes, sliced real summer tomatoes and shredded basil.

      But if you really want a main, how about a layered loaf sandwich? Round loaf, semi-hollowed out. Pesto and/or tapenade on top and bottom. Then layer with your favorite Italian cheeses and meats (provolone, mozz, mortadella, salami, sliced turkey, roasted red peppers, whatever). Wrap in plastic wrap, weigh down in fridge overnight, serve in wedges at the picnic.

      1. I hate paying for bland, overpriced amusement park food too. But a lot of parks won't let you bring food in. I've resorted to sitting outside the gate and eating my lunch in about five minutes. I've also had my daughter hide snacks under her shirt.

        1. Thought I'll give an update of what I ended up packing:
          Thai style wholewheat cold peanut noodle
          Oilve oil and herb potato salad
          Mint Chocolate brownie
          All three can be serve cold or at room temputure, and we had a cheap but falvorful and nutrition-full lunch. :)