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Jul 3, 2008 09:36 PM

8 nights in Buenos Aires-your best ideas wanted

Food lovers spending 8 nights in Buenos Aires and wondering what places not to miss. Went to Casa Cruz and loved it but not mentioned much on current reviews. What is the word about Casa Saltshaker?

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  1. PS - I'm happy to leave the response to others who might care to comment, we've had a good number of chowhounders come and visit us over the last couple of years, and there are a couple of threads that include people's thoughts about us. If, on the other hand, there's anything I can answer for you, please feel free to ask, either here or via e-mail.

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      On my way back to Canada recently I spent two days and a night in Buenos Aires and stayed at the Hotel El Conquistador, on Suipacha just off Santa Fe . Had and excellent lunch at a restaurant directly across the street from the hotel entrance . Shared matambre ( stuffed) and empanadas jujenias for appetizers, and short rib steaks with ensalada. Good food, service and prices. I would go back next time

    2. La Cabrera for dinner - order the lomo y pepper concaisse medium rare - you won't regret it! The restaurant is in Palermo Soho. So delicious!

      Also, Cafe Tortoni for a light snack and some history. It's a 150 year old cafe famous as a place for literary enthusiasts to meet.

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          Heres my top recomendations for breakfast,lunch, dinner and cocktails.

          1 Breakfast at the Alvear Hotel is a true delight. It is not cheap but it should be tried once on any holiday to BA. There is an incredible buffet that is filled with everything from smoke salmon to french pastries.
          2 Lunch at Pobre Luis, a great Parilla tucked away in Belgrano. The meats are cooked perfectly and the atmosphere is great. Loads of football memorbillia and loud argentines really give the place energy.
          3 Dinner at 647 Dinner Club is a great experience. The decor is beautiful, its not your typical Argentine looking restaurant, I was not expecting such a stunning looking place in Buenos Aires. The food was great and so are the cocktails!!
          4 Late night cocktails and i am talking around 2am if you have the stamina at 878. A really cool little bar in Palermo, it has no sign from the street and you have just give a little knock at the door to be swept inside and really feel part of the cool crowd.

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            Unless something has changed very recently, El Pobre Luis is only open for dinner and that's been the case for years...

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions, will be going down there in October and look forward to trying some of these places