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Jul 3, 2008 09:35 PM

Restaurant suggestions for group meeting? (Vancouver)

I'm hoping to generate some ideas for restaurants with good food (or good enough food) that have private rooms or areas for a group of up to 20 people. I'm not necessarily looking for a completely closed-off room, but quiet enough that everyone could hear someone talk or make a presentation. The budget would be $40 per person for food and maybe a few (3 or 4?) bottles of wine for the table.


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  1. That's a tough one. If you are open to Chinese places - Sun Sui Wah on Main St has sectionable rooms.

    1. Hamilton Street Grill?

      Unless you are sharing the food, food quality usually deteriorates for large groups.

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        Good one. Actually, a couple of other Yaletown places might fit the bill - Like Yaletown Brew Pub - which has sectionable nooks and crannies. If the budget is a lot higher, you can dine in Blue Water's wine locker.

      2. I would go with the hotels or clubs with meeting rooms. Not the most decent food but depending on where you go. For most restaurants, you can probably negotiate a price for the meal other that the standing menu for large groups if budget is a concern. I think the Fish House in Stanley Park has an are they can close off, they also have smaller rooms and the pricing isn't too bad when it's a la carte.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Unfortunately $40 (after tax and tip) is a bit tight considering most of the restaurants I've seen listed as having private rooms price their entrees around $25-$35. I'm thinking of asking people to choose an entree plus either appetizer or dessert. Also hoping to look at places that don't have traditional private rooms but will be quiet enough in a nook.

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            Is this an evening or daytime event? Call Little Nest on Commercial Dr. The restaurant usually closes at 3pm(?). I know she has held some evening service on occasion (and some private events, IINM). I believe she is looking to do more of that.

            $40 is a pretty tight budget, for sure.

            1. re: fmed

              It would be a midweek evening.
              Probably I could push it to $45.
              I forget - when eating out is it one tax or two?

              Thanks - I'll call Little Nest!

              btw... what's IINM? fmed is always full of acronyms that go over my head!

            2. re: twinkienic

              $40 after tax and tips is tight. Most places automatically adds at least 18% for groups. Add in the GST and you're looking at 23% for tax and tips. I believe there is another tax for liquor.

              Do you have to be near the downtown core? Is Asian food an option? 2 x table of 10, perhaps? Or buffet (Samba Brazilian has a private room, not sure about size though)?

              1. re: kwailan4

                I did some calculations... our budget is $45 per person after everything, which translates roughly to $35 pre tax and service. I guess that means I'm looking at places where the entrees are around $20 or less. I don't expect people to drink much alcohol so I would be buying maybe 2-3 bottles of wine for the table.

                Asian food is an option, but the group did Chinese at the last meeting, so I want to avoid that for a few months. Also, veggie options need to be available.

                Doesn't need to be near the downtown core... but should be reasonably central (no suburbs).

                Places I'm looking at so far are:
                Sanafir (but has minimum spend to get private room)
                Little Nest (space rental + catering)
                Rekados (apparently they are building a private room - ready in ~6weeks)
                Macaroni Grill (too noisy?)
                Afghan Horsemen

                I'll probably give Tequila Kitchen or Cobre a call too.

                Any ideas of appropriate Thai, Japanese or African places?

                Thanks for the suggestions (and for letting me think out loud)

                1. re: twinkienic

                  Steamworks or the Transcontinental might have something that would work for you. They have a number of various sized private/semi-prviate rooms that might do.

                  1. re: islandgirl

                    I second Steamworks. The food is only ok, but they can definitely work something within your budget. Maybe not wine, but they can do beer tastings. They pour 3 types of beers in these juice glasses and I think they charge something like $7 per person for the tasting, but they pour very generously.

                    Water Street Cafe also has a room upstairs. Again, food is only ok at best, but would probably be within your budget.

                    For $40-$45 per person, you could get a pretty decent Chinese meal. A lot of restaurants have private MJ rooms that seat about 20 people. Kirin downtown and Cambie both have rooms. Good luck!

            3. Bumping this up to see if there are any new restaurants out there with private rooms (true closed areas to ensure a quiet enough environment for a talk) appropriate for a group gathering (15-20ppl) with a food budget (pre-tax/tip/wine) of approximately $30pp.

              So far, these are the places we've been, and some notes in case anyone else needs to organize something similar:
              1) (now closed) Macaroni Grill (not my choice) - $35pp group menu
              2) La Bodega - $20pp group menu, not a true private room so this was noisy at times
              3) Afghan Horseman - not a true private room, but quiet enough, with funky atmosphere
              4) Hamilton Street Grill - $39pp group menu, lovely private room (seats 30)
              5) MARKET - beautiful private room, but still a low din coming through the glass doors... food was excellent, though
              6) Kirin Cambie - excellent value $25pp 9/10-course group menu, individually served (our server paid special attention to the vegetarians to ensure they had something to eat even during primarily meat-based courses), private room (seats 20)

              Am thinking of trying Cobre (wine vault room) and Quince (though I have tried contacting them in the past and never got a reply),

              Any other ideas?

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              1. re: twinkienic

                Doesn't Campagnolo have a private room? (There was a room in the back when the place used to be was a little small though). I didn't get a close look at the back the time I was there.

                1. re: fmed

                  They have a wine bar but it's an open corridor to the main dining area, so would probably be too noisy. They have plans to build a private room upstairs but that's not likely to be done until next year. Too bad, as their food is excellent and at the perfect price point.