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Jul 3, 2008 09:23 PM

It is done: All the Taquerias of Redwood City

Dear friends,

One day in the spring of 2008, after devouring every last sushi bar from Millbrae through Cupertino – all 62 of them – Sushi Monster put down his hashi. He looked back on all he had consumed and declared that it was enough.

Two years of $70 nigiri lunches had left Sushi Monster feeling ... spent. He fell into a deep sleep and experienced a vision: a new mission to find an authentic, vibrantly flavorful and interesting lunch that could be had for less than $10. When he awoke as El Taquistador, he knew where he had to go: Redwood City.

And thus, we proudly present ... Ciudad de los Tacos: The Complete Guide to All the Taquerias of Redwood City , v. 1.0.

You'll find the complete set of 48 reviews, with a Google interactive map, at

The handy clip-and-save cheat sheet:

1) Taqueria El Grullense, 1280 El Camino Real
2) El Grullense Grill, 768 Woodside Rd.
3) La Casita Chilanga No. 2, 761 El Camino Real
4) Jimenez Taqueria, 1798 Broadway
5) Chavez Supermarket, 46 Fifth Ave.
6) Taqueria MexCal, 3215 Middlefield Rd.
7) El Grullense No. 2, 2940 Middlefield Rd.
8) Tacos Delicias, 3252 Middlefield Rd.
9) Rincon Tarasco, 3200 Middlefield Rd.
10) Tacos El Grullo, 2798 Spring St.
11) Taqueria Mar y Tierra, 1475 Broadway
12) Tacos El Grullense No. 1, 1243 Middlefield Rd.
13) Taqueria Apatzingan, 3305 Middlefield Rd.
14) La Casita Chilanga, 2928 Middlefield Rd.
15) La Casita Chilanga No. 3, 995 Fifth Ave.
16) Aguililla Market Taqueria, 3250 Middlefield Rd.
17) Panaderia Michoacan, 2561 El Camino Real
18) La Azteca Mexicatessen, 1531 Main St.
19) El Paisano Carniceria y Mercado, 2856 Middlefield Rd.
20) El Grullense No. 3, 795 Fifth Ave.
21) Mi Hacienda, 895 2nd Ave.
22) Taqueria Mi Rancho, 593 Woodside Rd.
23) Tacos El Camino, 2627 El Camino Real
24) Chavez Supermarket, 775 Arguello St.
25) Apatzingan 2, 739 Chestnut St.
26) Mis Amigos, 828 Fifth Ave.
27) Taqueria Gonzalez, 3194 Middlefield Rd.
28) Mi Pueblito, 3225 Middlefield Rd.
29) Tacos El Grullense E&E, 2401 Middlefield Rd.
30) Chela's Carniceria, 1714 El Camino Real
31) Tacos El Grullense E&E, 999 El Camino Real
32) Rosita's Taco Stop, 1515 Woodside Rd.
33) La Estrellita, 2205 Middlefield Rd.
34) Sancho's, 3207 Oak Knoll Dr.
35) Bravo Taqueria, 980 Woodside Rd.
36) Vega's Market and Grill, 2585 Middlefield Rd.
37) Black Bean Cuisine, 847 Main St.
38) Taqueria El Tulense, 2391 Spring St.
39) Mi Rancho Market, 137 Roosevelt Ave.
40) Arteaga's Starlite Supermarket, 812 Fifth Ave.
41) Mi Rancho, 2505 Middlefield Rd.
42) Los Gallos, 3726 Florence St.
43) Karlita's Taco Place, 512 Woodside Rd.
44) Frida Cocina Mejicana, 820 Veterans Blvd.
45) Naranjo's Taqueria, 2647 Broadway
46) El Jarachito, 3264 Middlefield Rd.
47) Elizabeth Restaurant, 2855 Middlefield Rd.
48) La Fiesta, 314 Arguello St.


Sushi Monster/El Taquistador

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  1. I don't want to be the party pooper, but mentioned in the second paragraph of your full report is the disclosure that you *do not eat pork*. That seriously limits the value to me of what otherwise would be a great guide. But then I'm an al pastor dude all the way.

    1. Congratulations on another milestone!

      Good thing you took Porthos's advice and didn't call yourself Burrito Monster, the initials alone would make one wonder if it was as bad coming out as it was going in for the bottom tier....

      1. Great report, I only wish I had the time and pounds (willing to gain that is) to join you on a quest like that.

        Maybe someday you will wake up and want to do Chinese or maybe Xiao Yang do xlb's list for us.

        3 Replies
        1. re: yimster

          Well, it was only about 280-300 tacos, maybe 100 burritos and 50 big combo plates. I would commit to doing Hawaiian plate lunch next, but ... man, the starch factor. I am afraid I would need some medical intervention after my 20th scoop of mac-and-cheese.

          Sushi Monster/Taquistador

          And yes, I think Millbrae dim sum w/KK, XY Porthos and you would be a fine diversion. The only gyoza/shu mai I'm getting these days are the R99 freezer-case variety my kid craves.

          1. re: Sushi Monster

            SM, it's a tough job but someone has to do it. Not in Redwood City, but I would be interested in your take on Taqueria La Bamba in Mountain View. In addition to the standard carnitas, carne asada, lengua, al pastor, etc for the soft tacos, you have to try the green chile and colorado chile. The burritos are gigantic and the pupusas delicious. It'll take at least 2 visitis to try everything.

            Any future dim sum chowdown/sushi face off will have to go down in LA. I'll be back there come August.

            (Btw, some of the Wei-Chun frozen dumplings aren't bad. I just tried one with green bean and pork and it was pretty good. I think it's one of the newer flavors.)

            1. re: Porthos

              P-man, I like La Bamba, but we never really get down there. The Chile Colorado is pretty good at the El Grullense (1280 Middlefield one) and the Tacos el Grullense (on El Camino in Palo Alto)

        2. This is really great - thank you so much for your hard work.

          1. SM, a true labor of love and public service. My hat off to you!

            And I was thrilled to see my beloved El Grullense at the top of the list. Although you give props to the salsa roja, I must say that it's the salsa VERDE which is good enough to make me haul my booty from the East Bay to Redwood City for the fine stuff. Don't pass it up!!