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Jul 3, 2008 09:10 PM

what do you add to your congee?

I have a hankering for congee. I've been poorly this week, and can't taste a thing, so I reckon congee is the answer.

What are your favourite additions to congee? What are the MUST haves in my congee to help me get over this 'flu?



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  1. I like scallions and fermented bean curd

    1. tofu, ginger, scallion, sesame oil, and a shrimp dumpling or two

      1. when I have the flu and have to cook the congee for myself, I usually add in a can of chicken, and scramble eggs (scramble as you drizzle it into the slightly boiling congee). This way you can a little meat (so the congee doesn't run right through you) and protein. If you have some mix frozen vege, and is able to swallow, add some of that for the color and the nature vege sweetness. This is the same congee I made for a friend when she was recovering from sugery.
        Now, when you are better, and able to stand to make yourself more, I'll go for the Chinese green bean congee. Greenbean is not the vege kind you get in American grocery store, but the dry, slighly oval shape ones you should be able to find in any Asian store. Beans need to be soak for several hours before you cook it. They are good to cool you down in this heat. During the cold season, you can change it to the red type.
        Hope this helps, and you feel better soon!

        1. I had the stomach flu a couple of weeks ago and the first thing I ate again (when I could stomach something) was congee. It was pretty plain - marinated some shredded beef with scallions, ginger, soy sauce and cornstarch to make it soft and then added to the congee near the end of cooking. Just drizzled with some sesame oil and sprinkled scallions on top.

          Normally, I like chopped 100 year old egg, scallions, ginger and roasted peanuts in my congee.

          1. Aw, youse guys!!

            you always come thru for me!

            I was thinking a little ginger, some diced pork belly, egg flower and some Chinese sausage. Maybe some fried won tons shredded up and some deep fried scallions to garnish.

            I don't think the system could handle fermented bean curd just at the mo. Or peanuts.

            Are you guys "boil from scratch" fans or " whizz some pre-boiled rice" kinda people?

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            1. re: purple goddess

              This was my Mother cold/flu congee.

              10 dried oyster
              2 peeled whole potatoes
              1 lb lean pork

              cook one pot of basic congee recipes with these ingredients. My Mother called this Lower Fever Congee. I would not use Chinese sausage since fat is not good if you are ill.

              When you get better than a whole new whole can be opened to you. Ask later.

              Basic Congee

              rice ( I use broken rice reduces cooking time, while other will use a blender to break up the rice to speed up cooking time)
              whole cloves of garlic (normally not by garlic is good for the body)
              A couple of dried shitake mushrooms would add flavor.

              Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

              1. re: purple goddess

                Definitely "boil from scratch" for me! :)

                1. re: purple goddess

                  Boil from scratch for sure! 2x broken rice and water go in the rice cooker the night before, followed by chicken bones/bits/whatever in the morning, set it to cook, and by the time I'm back from a run it's ready. Add some kim chee or scallion and chili oil and I'm good to go.

                  I like mung beans too as a meat alternative, and actually coco beans and favas work pretty well too.