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Jul 3, 2008 08:45 PM

My Ebb Tide Experience

I know there have been posts here and there about Ebb Tide in Portchester. I went tonight at 7pm. There was a good line in the restaurant but still spaces outside. I love the casual/seaside atmosphere of this place; very different from most places in Westchester. Prices can be steep, but I enjoyed what we had -

Lobster roll
- My friend's comment was that it was smaller than he expected and the roll itself wasn't particularly great. But the stuffing was good

Plum tomato salad
- A great side dish

Fried clam strips
- I really wanted fried clam bellies but they weren't available. I didn't really want the fries on the bottom; I would say they were very good. Not too greasy and most pieces were big.

Dozen oysters
- Nothing to complain

I was looking @ what other people were having and I'd love to try the lobster set and also the bowl of mussels next time!

I think this is a really nice spot to visit with good seafood. But if you'd rather have AC and have waiter service, then this place is def not for you.

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