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Jul 3, 2008 08:16 PM

Mt. Airy, NC or Fancy Gap, VA, or anything along highway 52

We are traveling to Mt Airy tomorrow via Highway 52 from Winston-Salem. Looking for a place to have lunch or maybe early dinner. We will have 2 kids in tow (but 4 adults too, so we won't be outnumbered!). Half of us are vegetarians which means we HOPE to find something other than BBQ.

From Mt Airy we will continue on to Ararat, VA, but could make a detour to Fancy Gap if there's a good place there. We could also eat before Mt Airy, say in Pilot Mountain.

Here's hoping...


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  1. I can't think of any reliable vegetarian options in Mt. Airy. We always eat at Aunt Bea's for BBQ or the Snappy Lunch(great pork chop sandwiches). Your best bet would be to check the downtown area.

    Pilot Mountain is really small and probably would have even less. I don't remember there being anything there but a McD's a couple of other chain fast food places.

    1. I was on a shoot in Mt. Airy and it was catered by Goobers 52. It wasn't bad at all and I got a great swag -- a tie dyed tee shirt and hat. Never got to the actual restaurant the web site suggests an exotic experience.