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Jul 3, 2008 07:14 PM

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips

First ... I'm neither a potato chip expert or even much of a fan. So you can take this recommendation with that in mind.

However, I really liked the bag of Uncle Ray's potato chips I had today. They are a nice thin chip with lots of potato flavor and not over-salted.

The company is Detroit-based. According to the site "Uncle Ray started in business in 1965 out of the back seat of his 1961 Dodge Dart ... Ray made and sold chip dips, popcorn and shrimp cocktail sauce to local bars and store in the Detroit area. In the early hours of the morning, Ray would be busy making his concoctions in his small apartment kitchen"

Ray built a business ... Cabana chips ... sold the company when he got into debt ... started seriously drinking ... almost died ... and found religion.

Each bag has a chapter of his life, some uplifting thoughts and bible verses. Whatever, you may think of that ... I agree with this blogger that they are fine chips ... and seem to come in a variety of interesting flavors

They made an appearance in a Kevin Costner Detroit-based film ""The Upside of Anger."

Now what bags from a Detroit-based small company where doing in a small, no-glamour diner in Napa, CA ... I have no clue ... since from what I've read they are not that common in Detroit.

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  1. I work at Menards in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, and we carry this brand. I had assumed they were based out of somewhere in Wisconsin, as that is where our corporate headquarters are based....... Detroit....imagine that!! LOL

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      So, do you like them ... or is it just me?

    2. Get them in a little IGA in the middle of nowhere WV-and they are good

      1. I like them, but to me, they are no better or worse than Lays or any other national brand.....

        1. In the Detroit area I see them a lot at party stores or smaller chains, not so much at the Kroger's or Meijer's of the world. They are less expensive than the Frito Lay conglomorate-o-snacks, and I think they're pretty good.

          They have some fun flavors--not sure if they still do, but they had "coney" flavored chips!