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Jul 3, 2008 07:08 PM

bazaar anise closing

just came home from another lovely meal at Anise but was told that they will be closing july 13th,due to the owner's health,on recommendation by her doctor...I am posting this before
getting into my jammies so that anybody who is a fan goes back at least once...I don't
think that this time there will be another incarnation...the food is as good as ever,I had the
"surf "n turf (my spelling) of seared foie gras and scallops over black rice...superb...
first course of large grilled shrimp over a taboule of vermicelli and lemony parsley, another
home run...

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  1. bummer, double bummer!!

    1. Three of us paid a wistful last visit to Bazaar yesterday evening. Approaching 10 p.m., the place was still nearly full. We decided to go communal and share all the dishes, and we ordered a selection of favourites along with a bottle -- finally! -- of Laperrière's 2005 Morgon marked down to $60.

      The falafel were crisp then yielding, nutty, the farthest thing from greasy, and absolutely delicious. The lamb samosas were crunchy, savoury and perfectly complemented by the pine nut and red pepper purée. The octopus was as sweet and tender as ever and the orange lentils perfectly cooked: a feast for the eyes and the palate.

      The grilled whole sea bream stuffed with a pomade of ginger, cumin and cilantro defined one kind of succulent and savoury, while both the lamb shank "osso bucco" with Israeli couscous and deep-fried parsnip ribbons and the braised veal cheeks redolent of sweet spices defined another. The accompanying grilled vegetables -- asparagus, red bell pepper and zucchini -- were perfectly done and the fries the best ever.

      The blackboards are wiped clean and, with departing customers offering their best wishes, there's a bittersweet air to the enterprise. Yet, as our meal proved, there's no falling off in the standards.

      While the resto's closing is a loss for the city -- a loss compounded by the fact that there's nothing remotely like it, nothing really able to take its place -- instead of mourning, we can thank the stars for Anise/Bazaar's near decade-long run. How fortunate we've been!

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        So glad we went! It was delicious. Highlights for me were the octopus and the grilled fish. The octopus was incredibly tender, and the lentils were divine. the lentils looked like they had been deep fried, very unusual. They served the whole fish, lucky me no one else seemed that interested in the fish head. I offered, but then got to eat both fish cheeks and fish eyeballs, plus all sorts of yummy bits off the head. Rolly-polly fish heads, eat them up, yum.

        Here's wishing the best for the owner's health.

      2. Will try to get a last meal there tomorrow or saturday.