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Jul 3, 2008 06:14 PM

Philadelphia restaurant for informal wedding

I'm helping to plan a wedding for 100 people or less. Looking for inexpensive, informal type of restaurant setting preferably in CC Phila. Any suggestion will be welcome. Dates are open.

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  1. a few guidelines could be very helpful here. as in do you want the wedding outdoors or indoors? do you want a sit down meal or a buffet? do the couple to be like kitsch, hippie, bohemian, avant garde, boring, typical, american or foreign settings?

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      I reply that my request was vague. My daughter and her fiance are paying for the wedding. She'd like to have it in Philadelphia to accomodate family members instead of Brooklyn where they live. She'd like Center City, since their New York guests will probably use public transit to get here.
      She'd like to spend under $10,000 for about 90 guests...Buffet would be okay, she doesn't want formal, fancy, typical wedding setting.

      1. re: iluvpizza

        hmmm. a few words of advice in that case, you will probably want to focus your efforts on finding a place that allows caterers to come in and where you can supply your own booze. i've had two friends use feast your eyes as a buffet-caterer for their weddings (and many ore for actual sit-down dinners) and they turned out to be lovely. the buffet was delicious and very affordable. and for cheap booze, i would recommend going to delaware.

        if she wants to go super informal you can try to find a place with an outdoor space (jamaican jerk hut on the cheap side). effie's could be nice, though i am not sure if it can accomodate 100. moshulu could be good, though i don't know if they allow caterers. nix the outdoor idea if they have the wedding later rather than sooner.

        as for indoor ideas, powerplant productions is a photography studio that is perfect for a wedding that size and you can make it as formal or as informal as you like. i went to two buffet weddings there and both were awesome (and both had the ceremony there as well). it's located on 2nd street between arch and race and is a cheap taxi ride from market east.

    2. It's an event space rather than restaurant, but the food is spectacular: Top of the Tower, on the 50th floor of the Bell Atlantic Tower, A year after our wedding there all people can talk about is the food.
      Also, I don't think they can do 100, but if she really wants less formal, look at Upstairs at DiBruno Brothers (the Chestnut Street location).
      There are lots of great spots for small weddings in town, but I found that if you have more than 60-70 people you will have trouble finding a restaurant, historic house, or garden.

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      1. re: urbanfabric

        Hey, I got married there too! I agree that the food is very good, and the view is spectacular. The price should be around what she's looking to spend, they have several options for menus depending on what you'd like to spend on food. You bring your own alcohol (this saved us a lot of money). It's also pretty close to public transportation, it's a block or two from Suburban Station.

        It may be a little more formal than you're looking for, since as urbanfabric mentioned, it's not a restaurant, it's more like a conference center. It's rented out for large business meetings, so the rooms are very plain (nice, though), but they do weddings there too. The view from up there is decoration enough, anyway.

      2. A woman I worked with got married at Paradiso restaurant in South Philly (not center city, but accessible). She was thrilled with it. Here's the website; they have a private room that seats 100.