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Jul 3, 2008 06:12 PM

Kizake Sushi opening? (Chandler, AZ)

Anyone know when Kizake Sushi is actually going to open? Contrary to this report in New Times:

... I just got back from downtown Chandler and Kizake was NOT open. The place was dark and the phone number listed in story isn't even a working number yet.

After their erroneous report on Urban Campfire's "closure," I'd think New Times would start checking these things before reporting them.

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  1. The phone number seems bogus, but, I can't argue with the rest of the information presented by the New Times.

    The following page has different contact information for Kizake (at the time of this writing):

    My Googling also seems to suggest Ron Wojcicki is the man in control of this place and 98 South. The state Liquor license information for Kizake lists 98 South's phone number.

    1. I thought it was Seftel of the AZ Republic that screwed up Urban Campfire's closure announcement.

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        tara17 - You're right. Rep had it wrong first, but New Times also reported it without even checking with urban campfire. To me, that's bad writing by both.

        johnseberg - the phone number in the link you mention doesn't work either.

        I tried calling 98 south and all I got was a "we don't know anything about it" from guy who answered the phone.

      2. We had dinner at Sushi Eye in Motion tonight and drove by Kizake afterwards. They had balloons tied to the fence and looked open though we didn't get out of the car. Don't know if we'll even try it though because we love Sushi Eye so much.

        Sushi Eye In Motion
        58 W Buffalo St Ste 110, Chandler, AZ 85225

        1. To hell with lurking.

          Kizake was definitely open for business on Wednesday night when I walked in there, talked to one of the staffers, and got a menu from them. I posted the details on Chow Bella the next day.

          I stand behind my reporting. There was one single time I believed an account that a restaurant had closed -- because the owner of UC had also indicated to me that he was having troubles.

          I don't have a problem with owning up to mistakes -- I called UC and posted a correction immediately, from home, before going to bed:

          Razordogg's posting history reveals a strong affinity for the Trib's blog, which effed up the same exact way, without admitting it or apologizing. So how nice of you, Razordogg, to single out my "bad writing"!

          Bon appetit!

          1. Michele is right about KiZake. I also was there last week, and it is open. Given it was their first week, they weren't opening until 6 p.m. (or a little later). This week, according to them, they'll open the doors at 5 p.m. daily. They're closed Mondays.

            Razordog, I believe the correct phone number is 480-899-1191. That's the number they gave me.