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Jul 3, 2008 05:37 PM

SD-- Please Pick from Following; Urban Solace, Vagabond, or

Farm House Cafe.....need to entertain my aunt and uncle and have not been to any--is one heads and shoulders above the rest?.....going for dinner. Thanks

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  1. I haven't been to Vagabond but between Urban Solace and Farmhouse Cafe I would prefer Farmhouse House but both have very different dishes and are good but not really outstanding. I think you can get much better meals (also better service) at Better Half, Avenue 5, Blue Boheme (Was recently there for the first time for dinner. It wasn't perfect but much better than expected.)

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      Second The Better Half! And get the pork belly. Delicious.

    2. I like the options-all of them, but I'd go to Farmhouse and quickly learn American Sign Language in advance to have the conversation. It's a bit loud.


      1. I have had good luck at the better 1/2, but there are a few well seasoned eaters/bloggers whose opinion I respect that have had less than stellar experiences. Wondering it was an off night or they are falling down a bit. My choice would be farmhouse. We have had enjoyable meals, good service and really nice food at both lunch and dinner - but at dinner it is really loud. Depending on your a/u age, and if they use hearing aids, could be a potential problem. I am kind of meh on Urban Solace and not so much on Vagabond. Just mho.

        1. I'd say no on Vagabond, (and Better Half , Bleu Boheme and Avenue 5 while we're at it). Farmhouse's food is a little more sophisticated - Urban Solace slants more toward comfort food and Farmhouse toward French Bistro. Both are very noisy. You might also consider California Cuisine - it's a little quieter but still very good after all these years.

          1. I'm guessing a and u are older than you. NO to Vagabond and lots of other places that are just too loud for older ears, especially if they want to have a nice visit with you. Very hip and beautiful-- JRDN in Pacific Beach. You can dine inside or out. The food is good enough for San Diego (check their website AND if you really don't want to visit, your uncle will enjoy the scantily clad young women on the boardwalk.