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Jul 3, 2008 05:09 PM

Anniversary in Gallery Pl. Chinatown

So, my partner and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary by spending a night in a downtown hotel in the Gallery Place area. We live in DC, but want to pretend we live somewhere else for the evening. My ideal dinner would be somewhere I've not been, somewhere upscale. Basically, Restaurant Nora but near the hotel we're staying in because the point is to pretend we live down town for a night.

We're looking for somewhere to have an anniversary dinner. Places we often eat and like in that area: Jaleo, Zatinya, Rosa Mexicana. I like but don't love Cafe Atlantico. I've found it underwhelming in the past.

But for our anniversary we want something different. And probably nicer. Unlike every other night of the year, price is not an object.

So, anything to suggest? I feel like I've been in a dining rut, so anyone want to help me get out of it?

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  1. Proof is tasty and has a great wine selection. There is also Central, which is quite tasty as well. I think Proof might be more romantic, though (if that is one of the things you are looking for). I've never tried Brasserie Beck, but I've heard good things.

    Happy Anniversary.

    1. My suggestions would be either PS7 or Central. I also really like Zola and think it has a sexy, intimate atmosphere for an anniversary.

      Corduroy in its new location is not to far away from you and they have a delicious menu.

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        've had an excellent anniversary dinner at PS7s - excellent food and drinks and the atmosphere is very intimate and romantic. They have a couple corner tables which are really nice and I would request if you decide to go there.

        While the food at Central is very good, the atmosphere is much more of a 'bistro' feel and a little loud in my opinion. Also, I felt the tables were a bit close together for an intimate meal. However, if these are not concerns to you, the food and drinks are delicious.