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Jul 3, 2008 04:48 PM

Midtown Dinner with Boss Monday 7-7

In town for work with my boss and a senior colleague. Need a place for dinner Monday night - 3 people. After 8:30 p.m., but before 10:30 p.m. We are staying in midtown, but are open to traveling given how specific and last-minute the request is.

Ideally not too long of a wait - or even better, can still get a reservation (am I dreaming??). If a wait is required, a bar to wait in is nice.

Anything but sushi - not a "special occasion" place either. Preferably a place locals frequent.

We work in the hospitality industry in a senior capacity and are advanced foodies. Trying to avoid very expensive/very rich multi-course food.

Looking for great food and something different than we can get in Arizona or the West Coast. Spanish? Tapas? Italian? Latin? Moroccan? Literally open to everything.

One note - my boss is Italian and very much notices and appreciates good design - so preferably nothing too shabby, divey or ill-lit. :)


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  1. Ugh, sorry for the double post - hopefully the board fairy will feel sorry for me and delete the other post.

    One other note - we are staying at the InterContinental and we do know how to take the subway but would love to walk/cab. Flexible in this regard.

    1. The times I've dined with the boss in Midtown, we've hit:

      Ammos Estiatorio
      Fig & Olive
      Inagiku (but their specialty is sushi, so that's out)
      Lever House

      All of the above restaurants are showing dinner reservations availability for Monday evening via If you choose Lever House, request a booth (by phone) when making the reservation. It's not a special occasion place, but it is frequented by the midtown business lunch set during the day. Ammos has great Greek food and I've seen it packed to the gills on Saturday nights (not sure what a Monday night will look like).

      Pampano ("modern Mexican") would also work well, but they're not showing availability on (but it can't hurt to call).


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        THANK YOU!! Very helpful, We're doing Fig & Olive on Tuesday, so I'll aim for one of the others.