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Jul 3, 2008 04:36 PM

Butterfly in Hadley, actually quite good!

After a power outage in Northampton we headed over the bridge (where the traffic lights were working) for dinner with our kids. We had squid w/black bean sauce from the "gourmet menu" and one of the seasonal dishes, tofu and fresh shiitakes w/baby bok choy. Both were delicious, well seasoned (though not spicy, will ask them to turn up the heat next time) and the sauces were not at all goopy. The kids had sushi, which I could not recommend. Seemed like the wrong kind of rice and not enough of it to boot. Still, far better than I expected and most of our dishess were as good, at least tonight, as Great Wall.

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  1. Interesting, thanks for the report!

    The "wrong rice" is a real pet peeve of mine...happens when restaurants try to do too much with their menus. China Gourmet in Greenfield does the same thing with too-small portions of watery, underseasoned Chinese rice in their sushi, but I will look the other way occasionally if I'm desperate for a fix as there is no Japanese up this way. (Their Chinese menu isn't bad, though.)

    Too often, people underestimate the importance of good, properly seasoned and portioned rice in sushi!

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      I'll be interested to hear if anyone else has had a good experience there. I'm almost reluctant to go back lest I lose what little hope I have in finding good Chinese food around Northampton.

    2. Butterfly has become one of our favorite spots. While I can't comment on the squid or sushi, They do an outstanding job with their vegetarian menu. There is a seperate menu with vegetarian beef/chicken/pork/seafood. The regular menu also has 'regular' tofu items as well. For starters, most of the soups we have tried have a nice 'velvet' base and are quite good. The scallion pancake is also good and not greasy at all. In fact none of the fried items we have tried have the usual 'chinese grease' None of the sauces are overpowering and even the 'hot' items are perfect for me. (but if you like having your lips seared off, you'll wan't to ask them to turn up the heat.) The oranges at the end are a nice alternative to canned pineapple.

      1. I'm a fan of butterfly too. This very nice family used to run the Panda in Northampton. I used to be a vegetarian and was obsessed with their veggie sesame "chicken." It's a great veggie menu (this style of cooking to approximate meat dishes is sometimes referred to as buddah's delight because it was --as I understand it--developed for monks)

        Anyway now that I'm an omnivore I happily graze from the rest of the huge menu. I have avoided sushi there --I don't think it's their specialty. Stick with the chinese and veggie menu.

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          i live in hadley and butterfly is my chinese take out of choice.
          they do a good peking duck, singapore noodles, and sesame tofu....

        2. Butterfly was ok. I thought they had a good variety but the quality for me was below par. I've had Great Wall in the past and their dishes were quite reminiscent of NYC. Also, another nice little gem if you are looking for something quick and delicious is Wing Wong which is right down the street. Their Beef Brisket and Beef Chow Fun was supreme.