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Jul 3, 2008 04:32 PM

Do you live in Leeds? (or visit there often?)

In about ten days, I'll be traveling from NYC to Leeds to perform in an arts festival. I'll likely be spending most of my time at the Carriageworks in Millennium Square, which is the home base for the festival, or near my housing in Manor House Lane, though I don't know where the latter is.

I'd be delighted to hear some Chowhound recommendations for those two areas -- any kind of cuisine, Vietnamese to Brazilian, and cheaper restaurants are of course part of the plan. Anyone?

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  1. Nobody? Nothing? Zilch? Bupkis?

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      By chance, I drove past Leeds yesterday. It's a big city! You are bound to find some good spots once you arrive. Here are a few names from another site I use frequently. I can't recommend them personally, but maybe a web search will tell you more info.

      Viva Cuba - 19 queen square LS2 8AF
      La Tasca - Spanish 4 Russell Street
      Crown Fisheries - Fish and chips 14 Call Lane
      Sokhothai - Thai 8 Regent Street, Chapel Allerton

      Enjoy Leeds... travel some up north in Yorkshire if you get the chance. It's beautiful!!

    2. There doesn't seem to be any representation of people from Leeds on this board. I used to go there for meetings quite a lot, but have never really eaten in restaurants in the city. There is a japanese place right in the centre on a road off Boar Lane in the main shopping area - I'm no Japanese food expert, but I thought it was tasty and a good place for lunch. I haven't been, but Anthony's is supposed to be the place to go for fine dining, and the restaurant in Harvey Nichols has had good reviews.

      1. I would definitely recommend dropping into Wrapid. I found this place when I was a student & now Im hooked. Theres a wrapid in Leeds Unis student union building & one on 21 Albion Place which isnt far from Millennium Square. has the menu. Its good value and a great variety.

        What are you doing in the Arts Festival? If you havent been to the Carriageworks before its a great venue in a good location in the centre of Leeds.