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Jul 3, 2008 03:49 PM

Vo's in Oakland has re-opened

Had a nice lunch there yesterday - the place was packed. They have done a nice just updating it. Good to have them back in the neighborhood. They will be open for lunch, then happy hour (beer and wine) from 4 to 6 and dinner from 6 to 9. Afterward we walked around the corner to Franklin Square where a great afro-cuban quartet was playing. Seems that every Wednesday in July there will be some sort of live performance there. Very nice.

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  1. You're kidding. Finally? They almost made "in June".. just a year off. Do you have a menu/card that indicates hours? I can't make it weekdays anymore, but if they are open on weekends, would try them out to compare quality. Parking is certainly easier there than at Binh Minh Quan, and BMQ has not been exciting me recently.

    1. Agreed about FINALLY. It seems like the new decor has been set up ready to go for ages! I've been taking the 11 down to Laney or over to Broadway from my place for the last 6 months, so I'd totally forgotten about it, but even last December it still seemed like it had been forever since they looked ready to open!

      Can't wait to hear more reports. It may well become a stop for late lunches on my way back from summer school in the coming weeks.

      1. Yeah, it has been ages since the work looked done.

        11am-9:30pm daily
        59 Grand Avenue
        Oakland, CA 94612
        (510) 452-2222

        1. What did you have?

          Vo's Restaurant
          59 Grand Avenue, Oakland, ca

          1. Disappointed to see that the bo tai chanh is not on the new menu. Their version was one of the best I had ever eaten. Every time I drove by the shuttered restaurant I had daydreams about that dish. . . perhaps the menu will evolve as regulars return for their favorites.