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Jul 3, 2008 03:14 PM

The Brick House--Wyckoff

Since it reopened, I've been considering visiting the Brick House in Wyckoff for dinner. The menu seems pretty classic, but a little expensive. Tell me what your dining experiences have been here. Did you like your meal? Was it worth it? Would you recommend it to a 'hound? Thanks in advance for your candor.

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  1. Hi kimie. I was wondering who would post about it first, but no one did so I got first dibs! We valet parked and strolled inside. They did a magnificent renovation (which I've heard cost major bucks). The bar atmosphere is really nice, though it seemed too noisy to sit down and eat in that particular room (there was a large crowd). There are several formal dining rooms, all very nice, and a large banquet hall type room. The food overall was great. I had a grilled shrimp appetizer, sauteed with mushrooms (excellent) and my g/f had beef carpotchio (she liked it). The entrees included free house salads, which were good but not extraordinary. I got a ny sirloin (I'm a big steak guy) and my g/f got the veal lollypop. Both were mouthwatering - we were stealing off each others plates the whole time. A side of sauteed spinach proved not to be a disappointment. I'm not a fan of dessert so we skipped that, and had some cocktails in the cigar bar afterward, which is in the basement. It's actually a really cool atmosphere away from the rest of the restaurant. Low lighting and some really good classic rock playing. It must be one of the very few places where you can still smoke indoors (though only in the cigar bar part.. and I must add, you cant smell smoke anywhere else in the restaurant. I didn't even know they had it until our waiter told us). The staff was great. Our waiter Don was engaging, efficient and really made us feel welcome. The bartender Dave was exactly the same caliber. So I guess my scorecard would read: Atmosphere: A+, Service: A+, Food: A. Oh.. I almost forgot.. on the way out (also in the basement) we passed a beautiful room overlooking a wine cellar. They said they reserve it for private parties. Very classy!! Thumbs up!!