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Jul 3, 2008 03:08 PM

Sfiha in the Boston area?


My fiancee moved up here from Brazil a year ago and is desperately craving a sfiha fix. Wikipedia sez that this is a Syrian-Lebanese food - I've had it in Sao Paulo but never seen it here - anyone got any ideas? Samia's doesn't have a menu online and I'm digging through other menupages links, but so far no luck.

If there's a good set available, we'll do a tour and rate them back here on the board...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think Sfiha is very similar to Armenian Lamejuns (sp) which are available in a few places in Watertown.

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        For instance, Eastern Lamejun on Belmont Ave. in Belmont, or Arax or Sevan on Mt. Auburn in Watertown. You can load up on frozen ones. I'm partial to lamb w/garlic at Eastern.

        1. re: BeverlyCY

          Thanks. Started with the lamejuns and meat pies at Shwarma King today - they looked good, but were a little dry. To be fair it was the end of the day. The closed ones are called meat pies, the flat open face ones lamejuns. We'll work our way through the watertown bakeries next weekend.

          Also, I saw an absolute ton of syrian-lebanese bakeries in worcester on a drive to Barre, and will investigate out there as well. Thanks for the clues.