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Jul 3, 2008 02:45 PM

Tequila tasting in SoCal?

My wife hates wine. So when we go wine-tasting, she always ends up driving and having an awful time. She would like to know if there is anywhere within three hours' drive of Angel Stadium to have a good tequila tasting (and not standing at the counter in a liquor store in TJ, either). I've cross-posted this to the LA board to catch anyplace that would be covered by that board's geographic limitations.

Thanks, 'hounds!

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  1. Ubergeek -
    If you go to El Agave in Old Town San Diego I think you will be impressed by the selection - I am not aware of the flight situation, if they offer them anymore. The first 2 times I went here - the sangrita was stunningly good, recent trips have proven disappointing. I believe it is one of the best tequila selections in CA. I would check out del maguey's pechuga while you are here.
    Buena Suerte

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      In addition to El Agave, Cantina Mayuanel on Adams Ave in University Heights also has a decent selection of tequilas.

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        and if you are close to Angel Stadium, you're close to the train station so hop on a train which will let you off in Old Town...

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        Have you encountered any great Tequila selections in Baja (that is within 3 hours of Anaheim)?

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          " and not standing at the counter in a liquor store in TJ, either)."


          Actually we did this at the Mario Levya store on Revu. The place has the rare hand painted bottles of gran conquistador if thats any hint at how serious this shop is. The family who runs it are extremely nice. stgourmetla can tell you more.

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                EN and KR, I've got the Gran Conquistador here at the pad in NoHo, along with about 50 other tequilas,agave azul from Mazatlan, Sotol,2 bottles of Bacanora,mezcal, charanda,agavero, and both need to make it here for the GQ, also the Selecion Suprema,DJ 1942,Arette Unique, and Aha Toro for some anejos chingones.

                Leyva's in TJ is a shop more than a tasting room, but with a serious selection of over 300 or 400 tequilas.He always has about 10 bottles out of tequilas, liquers, and other spirits.We tried a Licor de guayaba from Michoacan that was sweet and delicious.He lets me "taste" away, so I actually consider it my bar on la Revo, the only one I will go to in la zona turistica.

                DU could certainly buy many great tequilas there and host a tasting at his hotel.But, the better half will like Amaranta better, I think.

      3. Rudy's on the corner of Colorado and Myrtle has an extensive selection of Tequilas. He tried a tequila tasting once but it was poorly attended so now you'd just have to try the shots which range anywhere from around $3.00 to over $30 for some of his really primo stuff. Felipe's in either Upland or RC is another that I can think of that has a very extensive selection. I like Rudy's, though, because Rudy himself would be happy to sit with you and guide you through the tasting. He's quite an afficianado of the agave.

        1. I'll 2nd the recco for El Agave in Old Town, San Diego and also suggest Indgio Grill on India St. in SDs Little Italy. IG used to have a pretty good selection of tequilas but it's been a while since I've been there and thing may have changed. Also, the bar Casa Madera in Hillcrest on 5th St. has a pretty varied selection of tequilas including some I'd not seen in SD before.

          1. Another San Diego restaurant with a large selection of tequilas is (gasp!) the Old Town Mexican Cafe. Yes, most Chowhounds will tell you it's busy, noisy, even a bit funky, that it's overrun with tourists and the food isn't gourmet. And they're right. But if you're looking to try shots of tequila they have a pretty serious selection and their prices are reasonable. One of my recent favorites is Casa Noble Anejo.

            So many tequilas, so little time....

            1. Definitely recommend El Agave for the tequila selection and the food. They do a selection of regional Mexican cuisine, not your run of the mill taqueria fare.

              Old Town Mexican is fun if you have a crowd with you. The thing to get there is the carnitas for two or four. The tortillas are hand made also.