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Jul 3, 2008 02:42 PM

Tequila tasting?


My wife hates wine. So when we go wine-tasting, she always ends up driving and having an awful time. She would like to know if there is anywhere within three hours of Angel Stadium to have a good tequila tasting (and not standing at the counter in a liquor store in TJ, either). I'm going to cross-post this to the California board to catch "outer" areas.

Thanks, 'hounds!

  1. Perhaps El Carmen on 3rd Street in LA.

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      El Carmen is where I learned about tequila and mezcal. The hardest part of the lesson was the recovery.

      I would recommend getting there before the evening rush. My best experience was simply going to the bar with a friend, handing the bartender a credit card, and asking him to teach us about tequila. We lucked out in getting their tequila buyer, who was very knowledgeable and was able to give us a variety of different tastes and really showed off the complexity of tequila.

      You might call them and see if they would do a small tasting seminar.

    2. Rudy's on the corner of Colorado and Myrtle, in Monrovia, has an extensive selection of Tequilas. He tried a tequila tasting once but it was poorly attended so now you'd just have to try the shots which range anywhere from around $3.00 to over $30 for some of his really primo stuff. Felipe's in either Upland or RC is another that I can think of that has a very extensive selection. I like Rudy's, though, because Rudy himself would be happy to sit with you and guide you through the tasting. He's quite an afficianado of the agave.

      1. Border Grill, Santa Monica frequently holds tequila tasting events. Call them to find out when the next one is. Whether they are having an organized tasting or not, it's worth checking out as there are something like 80+ kinds of tequila behind the bar.

        1. El Carmen is great, and I believe has the largest selection around LA.

          Also, Amaranta in Canoga Park.

          Malo, in Silver Lake.

          In San Diego, El Agave.Don't know if they do formal tastings, but they have the 2nd largest tequila collection in the world.

          Amaranta or El Carmen would suit you just fine.I believe Malo will also do mezcal tatsings.

          1. The Scorpion Bar in Hollywood has 300 types of tequila/mezcal. They don't do a formal tasting (i.e., you have to buy each shot), but they certainly have the variety.