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Jul 3, 2008 02:32 PM

Charlotte Airport

Greetings Chowhounds,
I have about an hour between flights from DFW to Munich on Saturday. Help me find something worth eating in the airport so that I can skip the in flight slop service on Lufthansa. If you have a rec. for something to sit and eat and something I can grab for the flight in case I don't have time, I'd appreciate it.



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  1. It's not great by any stretch, but I always go to Phillips Crab House if I am stuck in the Charlotte airport during a meal time.

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      Thanks for the info. I may have to give it a shot. Know of anything in the airport that is "local"?

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        About the only "local" place I can think of is Bojangles'. It's actually a fast food chain (limited mostly to NC, SC, and VA with a few other locations here and there (there's actually one in NYC)), but it originated in Charlotte. I'm sure you're probably not looking for that, though. I must say, however, it's one of the only fast food restaurants I enjoy. The chicken biscuits and the sides, especially the dirty rice, are great.

    2. I was just there last week, and unfortunately I don't think there is anything local in the airport. I was so disappointed our usual stop, A Taste of Carolina, used to brew their own sweet tea, and now it is Lipton instant w/lemon flavor, blech! I have never tried anything else so I am sorry I can't help you more, but I will say the Fresh Deli, I don't remember the full name, looked halfway decent...just fresh sandwiches and salads.