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Jul 3, 2008 02:23 PM

Midnight near SFO

I'm picking up a friend around 11:30 tonight and wondering if there's somewhere we can go grab a bite between the airport and the city. Casual, quick, and homey would seem to be the requirements for a post-flight late-night meal. A hot bowl of soup noodles would be perfect. Alas, recent board darling TMM Desserts in Millbrae closes at 11pm.

If there's nothing noteworthy, we'll probably find ourselves at Pearl's Burgers around 12:30. TIA!

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  1. I think the Kitchen opens until 1 am. Last time I was there we left at 11 pm and there were people waiting to get in.

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      The Kitchen
      279 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030

    2. Broadway Bistro in Millbrae (HK-style cafe) is open until the wee hours, it's said. I haven't tried it, but the mother ship in San Francisco Chinatown (Washington Bakery) puts out a decent bowl of noodles.

      1. Sorry I don't have a straight answer for you - but I just wanted to offer the "after midnight" google map that I'm making with a friend. It's not complete and we really haven't ventured that far out of our neighborhood - but we're working on it still.

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          Nice. Don't forget Sam Wo!

          Why don't you start a new thread, and collect info from the carousers amongst the hounds out there?

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            Thank you, Sam Woh's on Washington St. , right? I'll take your suggestion about starting a new thread for the map and see where it goes.

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            Very cool. I'll add a few around my neighborhood:

            Pearl's Burgers (2am, though that might only be on weekends)
            Cocobang (4am on weekends)
            Ryoko's Sushi (2am, doesn't even get busy until after 11)

            Thanks, everyone!

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              Here's the Chow Bay Area Places marked as "late night"

              For what I've updated that usually means midnight or later. However, a few I'll let slide at 11:30 pm, especially if it is in a town where nothing else is open.

              You can narrow it down to "late night" SF or "late night" peninsula "late night" city name

              It was surprising to me that North Beach seems to have the largest number of late night eateries.