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Jul 3, 2008 02:19 PM

Apricot overabundance

What do you think of using apricot puree in place of the mashed bananas called for in a banana bread/cake recipe? Have you tried it? I just hate to waste ingredients and am hoping someone out there has done this substitution. Thanks for any input!

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  1. Never substituted apricots but peaches worked pretty well, measure for measure, so I don't see why apricots wouldn't.

    1. I have never done the substitution you mention, but I did make apricot jam for the first time... enough that we can eat in a month or so, so I didn't go to the bother of canning. Just used 2 parts apricots to 1 part sugar plus lemon juice (I used 3 cups of chopped appricots and juice of 1/2 a lemon). I boiled for 45 minutes or so... quite yummy! and easy.

      1. Update... I used my standby banana cake recipe and replaced the banana with apricot puree. Results? Meh! I'm calling it a mystery cake because the flavor is unidentifiable. Tastes nothing like apricots. Tomorrow's project... cobbler. I'm hoping for better results. Wish me luck.

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          I'd say that the flavor of apricots mellows with cooking and heating. Bananas don't seem to have that property.. If anything, I'd say bananas develop a new, more robust flavor when cooked as the sugars tend to caramelize differently than those in apricots... at least that's my theory.

          Good luck tomorrow!

          1. re: Emme

            You need to add some lemon juice with the apricot puree to liven up the flavor. Even better is using dried cots in banana bread instead of raisins.

          2. re: emmisme

            good luck with the cobbler! if i had all those apricots, i think i'd do a tart, with a nice, light custard and a layer of apricots on top, brushed with a thinned-out apricot jam for a sweet & shiny glaze.

            just a suggestion for next time, perhaps.

          3. I've used persimmon puree in an oatmeal-like cookie with great results. Can you do something similar with apricot?

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              sounds excellent - but persimmon has a much stronger flavor than apricot so i think you might have the same blandness issue that occurred with the banana bread substitution.

              anzu, i'm stealing that idea when persimmons are back in season! ;)