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Jul 3, 2008 01:38 PM


We have friends traveling to Madrid in October, it has been some time since I have been to Madrid, is Casa Mingo still around, I think it was on Calle Florida?

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  1. It's still around. It's on Paseo de la Florida, 2. I'm not a huge fan of the place (not that it's bad, it's just nothing particular special and it's kind of out of the way). It's a good option if you are going to see the Goya murals next door at San Antonio de la Florida.

    1. Was there in March. It's a bit out of the way, but you can't beat the whole chicken for 9 euro deal. Their chorizo a la sidra was pretty good too. LOVED their cider. Kind of tasted like Granny smith apples.

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        I tremble to disagree with Butterfly (I've loved and learned from all your posts, Butterfly) but I like Casa Mingo a lot. The roast chicken is the best I've eaten anywhere, and always perfectly cooked (at least it has been the three times I've eaten there), crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. If one likes roast chicken one is in chicken heaven (on my first visit I ate the whole chicken all myself and could hardly walk afterwards: I've been a little more abstemious since). The chorizo absolutely bursts with flavour (in total contrast to the disappointing chorizo (floppy and mealy) I had last Friday at Casa Portal, and the cider perfectly complements the food. The place itself is noisy and fun: jam-packed with people "from all walks of life", to coin a phrase. And it's not even that out of the way - you can walk it in half an hour or so from Sol or around. And its proximity to Goya makes it (for me) the perfect marriage of art and nourishment.

        10 out of 10 in my (somewhat limited) book.

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          I lived in Madrid in 88 and honeymooned in 94, CASA MINGO brings back such great memories. We would have parties at Casa Mingo with our class or jsut spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon drinking Cidra outside.

        1. The roast chicken here--still worth the trip if one is not on a super-strict budget? I would love more (recent) opinions of this restaurant. Is the chicken really special?

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            The appeal of Casa Mingo lies in the very low price for its famous roast chicken and assorted trimmings, served up in lively Asturian tavern ambiance, accessible to all pocketbooks. No reservations, very busy, low cost, typical Asturian cider house fare, nothing particularly special, but easy on the pocketbook and handy to the Ermita de San Antonio la Florida, Goya's frescoes and pantheon, as Buttlery mentions.

            For authentic Asturian cider house fare, I much prefer Couzapín, the new "extension" of Carlos Tartiere in the Retiro district (my favorite dining area in all of Madrid) on Menorca 33. I had a memorable dinner here recently-a plate of incredibly fresh, perfectly cooked autumn boletus from Madrid's Sierra that was fabulous. Attentive service, authentic Asturian flavor, lots to like here.