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Jul 3, 2008 01:32 PM

Great bar in the valley?


I need to meet a friend who leaves near the Nuart somewhere half way between her place and my place in Los Feliz for a drink. I'm looking for a great bar somewhere more or less right off the 101. I just don't know the valley. Some place where, on a thursday night, one can find a cheap but well made cocktail, a comfortable place to sit, and a good jukebox.

any thoughts?

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  1. Can't help with a juke box but Cafe Cordiale, on Ventura just east of Hazeltine has live jazz and a very pleasant bar. There's also a live piano player at Bistro Gardens and more live jazz at Spazio, which is at Ventura near Noble, in Sherman Oaks.

    1. Foxfire Room is located 1 block north of the 101 at Whitsett(exit at Laurel Canyon). It's just east of the 405 interchange in Valley Village. I haven't been, but know friends who have and enjoyed the cheap, strong drinks and laidback feel.

      Foxfire Room
      12516 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91607

      1. Our favorite bar is divey but in a lovable way. The drinks are good, strong and not overly expensive. The barstools are comfortable and there are tables but people mostly eat at those. Suppose you could just drink at a table, if they're not too busy. No jukebox but they do play music. The crowd skews older, but it's mixed. The owner will schmooze with you if he's there. It's very convenient to the 101, on Moorpark just east of Whitsett (that's between Coldwater and Laurel) and there is ample free parking in the lot in back or on the street.

        1. Firefly in studio city

          Wine Bistro in studio city

          Universal Bar and Grill

          Ole Tapas Bar


          Senor Fred can be fun for drinks