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Jul 3, 2008 01:27 PM

Good Bar Food in Seattle

Now that the smoking ban has been in effect for a while... where are people favorite bars to get food? For lunch? For dinner?

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  1. The Jolly Roger in Ballard has pretty good food and monster O-rings.

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    1. re: BallardFoodie

      And Tin Hat for the pulled pork quesadilla and flatliner.
      Copper Gate for pretty much everything I've had there.
      I'm still partial to Wingmaster's wings, onion rings and mozz logs.
      Pacific Pub Inn's fish and chips.

      Does the Station or King's Hardware count as a bar? What about Hattie's Hat? How about SmaryPants in Georgetown?

      1. re: jaydeflix

        Smarty Pants is the place that made me start wondering about the best food in a bar. Their sandwiches are truly a thing of beauty and deliciousness. The "Ms. Piggy" was a great.

    2. Elysian Fields
      Two Bells
      Jolly Roger

      (I'm ambivalent about the smoking ban from a civil liberties perspective, but I never even considered eating at Two Bells before the ban and I must say I do enjoy bars a lot more since it went into effect...)

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      1. re: terrier

        What do you like at Elysian Fields? I've always found their food to be kind of boring.

        What is good at Two Bells?
        What is good at Jolly Roger?

        (Agreed. I don't like that we have a law... but I definitely have been enjoying the results)

        Elysian Fields
        542 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

        Two Bells Tavern
        2313 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        1. re: adamb0mb

          Good things at Elysian Fields, besides the beer.
          - beef carpaccio
          - mussels in curry broth
          - steak salad or sandwich
          - arrabiata
          - usually the fish of the moment
          - have also had some fine lamb chops and roast chicken there when they're on the menu.
          - hamburger

          Two Bells:
          - hot sausage sandwich
          - burger (especially bleu burger)

          Jolly Roger:
          - pretty much everything.

      2. Ocho in Ballard
        La Isla

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        1. re: skisvalley

          Canlis has a bar? What are the prices like? I've always just kind of written Canlis off as too pricey for my blood.

          Canlis Restaurant
          2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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            IIRC, there is no separate bar menu - just the same as the regular menu. It's just easier to make a meal of apps and dessert in the bar. I wouldn't do that in the main dining room. http://www.canlis.com/food/menu.aspx

            1. re: Lauren

              No they do have a bar menu, just not listed online. It is fantastic.

              1. re: skisvalley

                Good to know. When I was there a month or so ago - I swear they told me they didn't have a separate bar menu. Be sure to try the desserts!

            2. re: adamb0mb

              They do have a bar menu, just not listed online. It is great check it out.

          2. We're partial to Brouwers in Fremont; the food there gets better and better (and slightly more creative) in the last three years, and the frites stay perfect. The beer list is amazing.

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              I went to Brouwer's last week for beer and their divine homemade veggie burger only to find they've taken it off the menu. Our server said the kitchen found it to be too much trouble to make. So disappointing.

              However, 74th St Alehouse has a tasty black bean burger, but none of the handcut frites that Brouwer's offers.

              1. re: frygirl

                74th Street has a very good selection of local beers, and the Reuben is delicious, and very unique.

                1. re: Baboo

                  I think the owners of the 74th Ale House also own the Hilltop Ale House on Queen Anne and the Columbia City Ale House. All have great food.
                  I am a huge fan of the veggie burger at The Elysian on Capitol Hill. Homemade and topped with sauteed onions and cheese....oh so good.

                2. re: frygirl

                  My husband and I were at Brouwer's for the first time a couple weeks ago - my god, their lamb burger is amazing! Merguez spices in the lamb and chipotle mayo as well. I want to go back and try everything.

                  I like the goat cheese salad at 74th St Alehouse, and their reuben.

                  1. re: Freida

                    A agree, the Reuben at the 74th St. Alehouse is divine.

              2. we went to Copper Gate last night, and i LOVE the decor ~ Viking Playboy.
                the service was outstanding! the bartender made the cocktails quickly and they were shaken to perfection! Todd had the Einarbaer (gin, lingonberry, grapefruit, sweet vermouth) described as "tart with rich citrus and berry" Todd proclaimed this drink "Excellent" . next was the Stor Agurk (aalborg akavit, lemon, sugar, cucumber) "light and sweet with hints of fennel" very refreshing. i had water, but even that was special with a hint of cucumber!

                we shared the Kylling Smorgryd, cumin chicken open faced sandwich with pomme frites and a Smoked Veal Sausage wrapped in a Lefse (heh, Norwegian Pig in Blanket).. the lefse tasted a lot like a tortilla, and not very potato-y. for all the boobies in this restaurant.. i couldn't help but think how phallic my dinner looks. Kokkus Iskrem ~ coconut ice cream with thin gingersnap cookies. super YUMMY.

                i think we needed one more 'small plate' to be FULL..i was comfortable, but i could tell todd would have liked more.

                Happy Hour = 5-7 everyday. all food and specialty drinks are $2.00 off ~ wine, beer and cider is $1.00 off. thats crazy cheap!!

                (photos on myspace blog: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fus... )