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Jul 3, 2008 01:26 PM

Westbrook Corporate Center

I am not from the area, but I am meeting with a senior executive at a company located at the Westbrook Corporate Center, in Westchester, IL, near Chicago.

I would appreciate any recomendation for a restaurant nearby (10 minute drive max, the closer the better) that would be appropriate for a business lunch with a senior executive. There will be about 4 of us. Price is not an issue.

Many thanks!

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  1. The Westbrook Corporate Center is just east of Oak Brook. There are a number of high end chains located in and near the Yorktown Center Mall, in Lombard, to the west of Oak Brook, such as the Capital Grille, if that is what you had in mind. Also in the Yorktown Centerarea is a locally owned seafood restaurant, Holy Mackerel, that has gotten some good reviews, but I've not been:
    Closer to the Westbrook Corporate Center, one good choice is an Italian restaurant, Tuscany; it is only about 1 mile east of the complex. Here is it's menu:

    1. Having worked in the Westbrook Corp Ctr for over 10 years, I'm somewhat familiar with the area. Morton's is in between Tower 1 & 2. It's a high-end steakhouse & you won't find anything much closer! I recall the food being very good, but the restaurant somewhat dark & lacking atmosphere. There was also an Italian restaurant - used to be Carlos & Carlos and later Pazzo's, both of which were decent. Not sure what it is now. Emilio's Tapas is about 5 minutes away... north on Wolf to Roosevelt and then east about a mile. It's the original location of Emilio's many ventures. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is north on 83 - about 10 minutes away. A couple other ideas might be Ditka's @ 83 & 22nd Street (the pot roast nachos sound awful, but are delicious) or Redstone, which is about 2-3 miles or so west of Westbrook. Both are very good; actually we are having a business luncheon @ Redstone on Wednesday.

      As Masha mentioned, Oak Brook Mall is just west of Westchester; however I tend to stay away from it. Many options there, but I find it too commercialized & crowded - just my opinion though.

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        Thank you very much. I found Morton's which is probably a "safe" choice, but based on their web site, it is unfortunately not open for lunch, which I found surprising given the location.

      2. Poulet-

        You will find Pappadoux, a Cajun-themed restaurant in Westmont on Route 83 just five or six minutes west of Westchester, a very satisfactory place for lunch with bigwigs. All their seafood is excellent, especially the fried calamari. They make the best onion rings in the known universe. (Onion rings may not be shown on the menu, but just ask for them.)

        Go west on 31st Street, south on Route 83, and then take the first right; you will see their sign as you approach.

        1. Thanks to all for your replies.