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Jul 3, 2008 01:05 PM

unusual strawberry jams

Yesterday I made some strawberry-tarragon jam which I really, really recommend and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for other not-so-usual combinations.

I'm thinking strawberry-curry and saw a mention of a chutney, but no recipe :( Am open to other ideas, too.

Eager to hear thoughts!


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  1. I'm not sure if it's unusual enough for your research but my wife makes one fantastic strawberry-rhubarb jam and I've had some strawberry-basil jam that ain't bad either.

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    1. re: todao

      Strawberry basil sounds good but I must confess....I HATE rhubarb. I'm really sensitive to sour tastes and rhubarb is like torture for me. My eyelids will actually twitch.

    2. What about a strawberry balsamic jam? I haven't tried it as a jam but I cook my strawberries with balsamic and love it.

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      1. re: Adrienne

        this was gonna be my recommended combo.

        stawberries also go interestingly well with black pepper.

        or, do all three! strawberries, balsamic and black pepper.

        1. re: Emme

          last summer I went crazy making jams and the strwb-mint-blk pepper was a big hit!

        2. re: Adrienne

          I just made strawberry balsamic jam today. The trick is to put just enough balsamic to deepen the strawberry flavor. You shouldn't be able to taste the balsamic though. That would be overpowering the strawberry.

          I'm not so sure about strawberry curry, but maybe you can try strawberry rose. Just add a FEW drops of rose water to the finished jam. As you know, strawberries have a great perfume, so the rose water's purpose is to enhance it. Be careful not to put too much, or the jam will taste like medicine.

          1. re: michaelnrdx

            I use a tiny bit of high-quality orange flower water in most of my strawberry recipes, including jam. I think it works better than rose flower water. Key is to add just a drop or two at a time (of the good stuff--I like the A. Monteux brand) until it is just barely present.

            A little bit of orange flower water, grand marnier, and sugar turn even winter strawberries into a treat!

            1. re: michaelnrdx

              I made rose jelly once. Tasted like perfume...and not in a good way.

            2. re: Adrienne

              I make this all the time. It's a vast improvement on the standard, since my critique of most strawberry jams is excessive sweetness without enough acid balance.

              1. re: Adrienne

                you mention strawberry balsamic jam . got me to thinking.
                anyone know how to make that thick balsamic glaze? is it balsamic and brown sugar then reduce?

              2. I had a strawberry-cabernet jam from a local farmer's market and it was divine!

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                1. re: Divamac

                  i've thought of the strawberry-balsamic-blackpepper combo, but does the balsamic have to be super-expensive (i'm about to start grad school in sept so, um, p-o-o-r)? does anyone have a brand they'd recommend (i'm in canada)?

                2. Where are the recipes folks?
                  I want the strawberry-tarragon and the strawberry-balsamic-black pepper combo.
                  Come on, give!
                  I'll show you mine if you show me yours, ha, ha.
                  I've got Strawberry Cardamom and Strawberry basil.

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                  1. re: vkmcgee2

                    Yes, the strawberry tarragon sounds inspired.

                    1. re: vkmcgee2

                      I'm not allowed to post a link (no self promotion!) but I do have a recipe for strawberry balsamic black pepper jam on my website.


                    2. I think strawberry jalapeno would be good.

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                      1. re: enbell

                        I made two batches of this last year and it was a huge hit; probably the most popular preserve I've ever made. Awesome mixed with cream cheese for a dip with tortilla chips. I have a bunch of strawberries still in the freezer and I need to make more of this before strawberry picking time comes round again.

                        Here's the recipe I started with:

                        I think I later went on to make a second batch using the Pomona pectin, which I prefer since you can control the amount of sugar you add.