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Jul 3, 2008 12:55 PM

Sangria Please help

I have a recipe for sangria that calls for sweet lemon juice.....what exactly is that? It also calls for Spanish brandy and spanish wine. Since I don't drink, I have no idea what to use . please help! Thanks

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  1. Sweet lemon juice sounds like lemonade. Spanish brandies: Carlos I, Cardenal Mendoza, Gran Duque de Alba and Osborne.

    Try this:

    "Sevillana Sangria"
    makes 1 pitcher

    1 bottle of Montecilla (Spanish wine)
    1 small can of fruit cocktail
    5 orange slices
    5 lemon
    5 lime slices
    2 oz. Grand Marnier
    8 tsp. Sugar
    10 oz. Club soda
    Serve on ice with orange & lime slice

    1. Well, any bold, simple (and cheap) wine can be substituted in place of Spanish wines but the ones below are those I've got or tried. I don't think I'd add an expensive brandy to a sangria, either.

      Spanish wines:
      Borsao Campo Borja
      Campo Viejo
      Mas de Caralt Red Table Wine

      Vionta Albarino
      Anything from Bodegas

      Spanish brandy:

      Sweet lemon juice sounds like simple syrup added to lemon juice; lemonade concentrate would be a probable substitute. Be sure to add citrus slices to the pitcher and the glasses you're going to serve the sangria in.

      * An acquired taste; similar to that first sip of an armagnac, a calvados, or a grappa. :)