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Jul 3, 2008 12:34 PM

Venice on a Sunday

OK. I'll try this again. We will be arriving Venice late on a Saturday and have plenty of recommendations from this board, but we're worried about Sunday. I've heard that most restaurants are closed on Sunday. Is this true? Any advice would be appreicated. Thanks.

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  1. Not true. Try Taverna San Trovaso in the Dorsoduro, it's a very short walk from the Accademia vaporetto stop. Truly a delicious meal.

    1. Surprisingly there are many restaurants that are opened on Sundays. Monday night is a little more problematic.
      For top notch food, good service, also expenisve: Fiaschetteria Toscano.
      Expensive but less so: Al Bacco and Vini de Gigio both in Cannaregio.
      Moderate near San Marco is La Rivetta which has a canal view. In Cannaregio is Anice Stellato. Antica Besseta in Santa Croce.
      Inexpensive and simple: Al Promessi Sposi and Osteria al Bomba both in Cannaregio.
      Pizza: Nono Resorto near the Rialto.

      1. I believe Al Covo is open on Sunday evening.

        1. I suggest Vecio Fritolin, not far from Rialto, very close to the market square (which deserves a visit, early in the morning).
          The owner is Lady Irina, she is a true venetian woman, she loves very much her born town and her way to cook is the true venetian cooking.
          It is closed on Monday.
          To reserve is mandatory because otherwise it is hard to find a free table.
          website :
          There is also another reaturant that I like very much; it is lovely, not yet well known to the foreign tourists and, in fact, you will meet local people at the tables.
          Its name is OSTARIA DA RIOBA, its location is very nice and charming: along Fondamenta della Misericordia, very close to Calle Larga.
          The only problem I do not know if it is closed on Sunday. I went twice to dine there and both it was Friday.
          You should call: 041 5244379

          Have a lovely trip, ciao.


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          1. re: vidanto

            Vincenzo, is that you? KAREN'S Vincenzo?

            If I am totally off-mark, I apologize. If I am not, I had a really good meal with you at Vecio Fritolin. :)

            Unless something has changed in the last couple of years, da Rioba is definitely open on Sundays.

            For the OP - all of the above recommedations are excellent. If you decide on Vini da Gigio, I believe they have two seatings on Sunday.

            1. re: Shannon

              I don't know if it is open on Sunday but Anice Stellato is superb. I would chose it of da Rioba although I like both quite a lot. La Frasca is superb too.

          2. Thanks so much to all of you for the wonderful recommendations! We'll only be there 3 nights but I'll save these for my return trip (hopefully in November or December).
            Thanks again!