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Jul 3, 2008 12:23 PM

Duck fat--Baltimore

Anyone know where it can be found in Charm City? Eddie's in RP had it briefly but no longer.

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  1. Wegman's in VA carries it; I would call the one up by Baltimore and see if they do too. $5 for a small tub, but a little goes a long way.

    1. reiflame is correct, Wegman's in Hunt Valley carries D'Artagnan duck fat. It makes awesome taters.

      1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Wow Hillfood, I don't think anyone would have thought of making their own - great comment!!!

            Sure anyone can make their own duck fat from skin and fat. However, keep in mind that a 4-1/2-pound duck only renders 1 cup of fat.

            If you are like me and work all day you may need to buy a jar of duck fat.


            1. re: lauranda

              I am a big duck fan and am fond of cooking a duck over night in a slow cooker. I add nothing but salt and pepper. The meat falls off the bones (think of a short-hand confit) and I use it on salads, in chili, etc. And the bonus is a cup of pure, crystal clear, golden duck fat. It turns roasted potatoes into sin-on-a-plate.

              1. re: Ichabod

                OMG--are you a professional chef? The process you explained for procuring duck fat seems quite labor intensive and elaborate. I'm quite impressed.

                I'm not much of a cook, I make reservations. But, where do you buy a duck? I find it difficult to even get decent lamb chops at the local Giant, Super Fresh, or Mars. Even couldn't find them this past weekend at Harris Teeter in Columbia. (I usually venture down to Whole Foods to get the lamb). But, never have seen duck--probably because I wasn't looking> I let professionals do the preparation of duck. It's out of my league of cooking. FoiGras

                1. re: FoiGras

                  The best price I found (2lbs for $12.50) was online at

                  1. re: lauranda

                    Hudson Valley Foie Gras is great, but you can buy duck in any number of local markets. HVFG is moulard, which is quite different than the duck one is usually served in a restaurant.

          2. Ordering direct from D'Artagnan is fairly cheap too. (At least for duck fat.)The tubs are smaller than HVFG but the shipping is only eight dollars for two day delivery.

            On a related note where does everyone buy their duck legs or whole ducks? I'm in the Annapolis area and the only place I've seen for Moulard duck is to special order it from one of the area butchers.