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Jul 3, 2008 12:14 PM

Saranac Lake, NY - Good eats?

My family and I will be vacationing just outside of Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks for two weeks later this month. Does anyone have any good recommendations for food? I am looking for both high and low brow restaurants. Grocery store or farm stand tips would also be appreciated.

We have vacationed in the Adirondacks for many years in the Blue Mountain Lake, Inlet, Indian Lake area and have never spent any significant time in this part of the park. We are a large group, 9 people with two children, ages 9 and 13... i guess they are more pre-teens now! Yikes I am getting old!

I have heard of a place called Meet and Eat (or Eat and Meet, I don't really remember which) that looks good... has anyone been?

Thanks and I promise a report on our food findings,


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  1. Hi,

    If you don't mind backtracking into Lake Placid, I had a great meal at Caffe Rustica. It is a tiny italian place in the Price Chopper Plaza. I talked to some locals and they agreed, it is one of the best places in town.

    They serve wood fired pizzas and some tasty italian dishes, and it is a bit off the beaten path so it isn't always overrun with tourists.

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      Lake Placid is your best bet up there. I have vacationed in the area for years and dining is always hit or miss. There was a great wine bar that I believe had just opened up last year that we had a dynamite meal in.......but alas I cannot remember the name. Honestly we have always planned on cooking while in the north country.

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        Thanks to you both for the recs. We usually cook but because we are new to this area I wanted to make sure we weren't missing any must eats. When we were in Inlet area we used to go out for dinner twice during the course of the vacation. On Indian or Blue Mountain Lake we would stay in for the entire two weeks as it was just easier then making the trek.

        If we make it to Lake Placid I will look up Cafe Rustica!

    2. I usually make a day trip up to see the ice castle in the winter and we have stopped at this Mexican Restaurant right on the main road right outside of town. I can’t remember the name, but it was quite good. Leaving Saranac and heading towards Lake Placid it is on your left side. Have fun!

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        Adirondack Steak and Seafood in downtown Lake Placid is good eating and the view across the lake is great!
        Excellent lunches,many specials,and a great dining menu at night.
        The place is usally packed so get there early.
        Interlaken Inn and Veranda are two of the gourmet restaurants in town.
        Both pricy but the dining at the Interlaken Bar is a bar menu that is much cheaper and still very good.
        Don't miss Donnelly's Ice Cream in Sranac Lake---a local "institution".
        You may have to wait in line just to get their outstanding ice cream----but it's woth it!!!
        Little Italy Restaurant in Saranac Lake isn't much to look at but they serve really good Italian in their back room restaurant part of the building.
        We like the Sourbough Cafe in Lake Placid for homemade breakfasts and the Blueberry Bakery next to the theatre in Lake Placid for outstanding baked goods.
        Good Eating!

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          The place is called Casa Del Sol and it's really good but they don't open until around 5PM each night for dinner only.

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            Eat and Meet is very good. Classic, comfortable food prepared by people that truly love eating and cooking it. Hard to loose with that combination.

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              By a mile, Brown Dog Cafe and Wine bar (the place the OP can't remember the name of) in Lake Placid is the best up there. I wish we'd just eaten there every night last trip. We also love Caribbean Cowboy, which is quirky, funky but with good food, but without fail, make sure you eat at the Brown Dog for dinner. Can't say anything about lunches or salads, I've only had dinner there and reviewed it twice on tripadvisor. Interlaken was good food, but a kind of formal, stuff atmosphere, and Brown Dog is much more relaxed and less fussy. Also, the Cottage, across from the Mirror Lake Inn in LP is good for casual eats, but avoid the dining room at the Inn, it's awful and overrated.

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                It's been awhile, but Tail O The Pup used to be an interesting spot (I believe it is in Raybrook). Outdoor seating barbecue serving ribs, burgers, lobsters, etc.

        2. We like Nicola's in Lake Placid, across from the skating arena. Interlaken Inn is very good but also very pricey. In Saranac Lake, I think Casa del Sol is over-rated. The wait is always long and not worth it.
          For sandwiches, our favorite is The Marketplace, outside Tupper Lake headed towards Saranac Lake. Absolutely the best sandwiches (esp with their homemade rolls), potato salad, and baked treats. Sometimes they have hot dishes. Their shrimp enchiladas are the best.

          1. thanks for all the recs. we ended up eating in quite a bit but did enjoy some pizza from Little Italy.... really good white pizza with fresh tomatoes.
            My sister celebrated her birthday and when the cake i made for her failed (i really, really screwed up the frosting) we bought an apple streudel from the Bakery in Lake Placid that someone had mentioned and it was wonderful.
            We also made it to the Meet and Eat (Eat and Meet?) and really enjoyed everything, in fact I would have liked to try more of the menu. Good food, good price and they seemed to be into providing a more local experience, food wise. Also, there is free mini-golf while you wait for your food.
            We bought pie and chocolate eclairs from the bakery stall at the Tuesday farmer's market in Saranac Lake. The pie was ok but the eclairs were really quite good. It seems Lake Placid was the place to go for more restaurants.
            Oh and we made it to Donnelly's for ice cream twice. Once they had "irish cream coffee" and another time "red raspberry", both were dynamite. The ice cream stand is pretty far out of town but totally worth the drive as the views of the mountains from the road were phenominal.
            thanks again. If anyone fishes for Trout... we headed up to the Upper Saranac River and did quite well. Brown trout mostly but still quite tasty!

            1. I hated Eat N' Meat. All of their food was cooked on the same grill with raw meat. Everything looked kind of dirty and the staff did not look like they wanted to be there.

              Little Italy is a great little Italian place with the best pizza.

              Finally, I love Left Bank Cafe (French). They just opened and are adding one thing to their menu each day. Actually last time I was there, they did not have a menu and the waitress just told you the four things they had, crepes (with a wide selection of some-what sweet fillings, a open-faced ham sandwich with fresh greens, some salmon dish (that they ran out of), and a open-faced goat cheese with tomatoes, onions, and chives with fresh greens. The owner told me I was the first one to order the goat cheese sandwich. It was amazing! They have great views of a little stream. I am sure by the time you are in the area they will have a bigger menu. It is the best food I have had in the Adirondacks. And their ice cream is really good too.
              If you are talking about ice cream you have to go to Donnelly's Ice cream. It is the best ice cream in the world. Each day they have a special flavor twisted with vanilla ice cream. You cannot get any other flavor but trust me, you will love it.