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Jul 3, 2008 11:17 AM

Sichuan Village, Chantilly...

Whew! We just returned from having the lunch buffet at Sichuan Village on Rt. 50 near the intersection of 50 and Walney Rd. We'd heard it was good but as soon as I opened the door I wondered about that as it smelled heavily of fried fish. Just about everything seemed to be oily. Is there a really good Chinese restaurant in this area (from I-66 out to just past Rt 28 along Rt 50)? I noticed today that the "new" restaurant in Green Briar shopping center is closed - didn't that just open last year? I don't understand why there aren't any new, nonchain restaurants out this way...maybe a French bistro?

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  1. The buffet isn't what to get at SV. You need to order Sichuan off the menu, then you're getting the good stuff. Go back and try off the menu.

    While not quite in your parameters, there's another good Sichuan place on 50 on the East side of Fairfax - China Star. I actually put SV in front of CS, but Hong Kong Palace, Temptasian and Joe's in front of both. SV is good - just don't get the buffet.

    As far as non-Sichuan Chinese, I can't help much.

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      Sichuan Village caters to two extremes. One is cheap volume business for Americans and the other is authentic Chinese. In the same vicinity, there is a Charlie Chiang's, IIRC. Go there if you're interested in Chinese but not the spicy cuisine that is prevalent from Sichuan.

    2. Take a drive out to the French Hound in Middleburg. Very nice, cozy bistro.

      1. I don't understand why there aren't any new, nonchain restaurants out this way...maybe a French bistro?
        supply and demand. there's no supply because there's no demand.

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          Go south a bit and you'll find quite a range of Korean and other options. South of 66 and 29 just a bit. I've barely barely explored any of this myself.

          In the area you speak of, I guess you're getting tired of the number of non-chains that aren't new?

          1. re: Dennis S

            It just seems that whenever something interesting opens up in the suburbs of DC, it's usually in Arlington or Alexandria or Bethesda or Rockville. One of our neighbors moved out here from Arlington and she was amazed at the lack of really good restaurants nearby. Oh well...just grumbling (must be due to the indigestion from SV! :)

        2. As others have said, your mistake was to have the buffet at SV. The action there is in the Sichuanese menu. Previous mentions of SV on this board have pointed out this dichotomy. In this part of town, the offerings are not going to be in the "fancy" type of food like French, but ethnic places or BBQ joints (try Willards). Today I received in the local paper a menu for a vegetarian restaurant called "Lotus Vegetarian" ( with a very interesting Chinese themed vegetarian menu. It's next to the Lowes in Chantilly, and I think worth a try.

          1. Try the sichuan chengdu hot pot, the spicy broth. We loved it (and we have had it in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong).